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Last updated: October 2, 2020

Welcome to this blog’s Cookie Policy!
This page was written to clarify to visitors how we use cookies on this website, and what they exactly are. 

If you wish to remove your consent for the collection of cookies on this blog, you can do so by clicking on the button you can find below, or the one in our Privacy Policy under the Cookie section. 


When your browser is loading a website, it stores cookies on your phone or computer. Cookies are text files that websites exploit to collect data, which helps to monitor and improve the performance and security of these websites. The collection of cookies also helps website owners understand visitors’ behavior to improve the overall user experience.
On this blog, we use two kinds of cookies:
  • We use first-party cookies to make sure that this website works properly. No personally identifiable information is collected with them. 
  • We exploit third party cookies to monitor the performance and security of the blog and to learn new insights about visitors’ behavior to improve their user experience. 

Different types of cookies used on this blog

On this blog, we use different types of cookies: 

  • Essential cookies are used to make sure that the website works properly by activating certain basic functions:
      • cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary (expiration after 1 day)
      • cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary (expiration after 1 day)
  • Cookies used for statistical purposes are useful for website administrators to understand how visitors interact on their site by gathering anonymous data: 
      • _ga (expiration after 2 years)
      • _gat (expiration after 1 day)
      • _gid (expiration after 1 day)
      • lg_a_123456_GUID# (expiration after you close the session)
  • Cookies used for marketing purposes track visitors to display more relevant ads to them: 
      • addelivery/impression (expiration after you close the session)
      • ctag (expiration after 29 days)
      • data/ct (expiration after you close the session)
      • data/fp (expiration after you close the session)
      • goog_pem_mod (persistent)
      • google_experiment_mod# (persistent)
      • IDE (expiration after 1 year)
      • ljtrtb (expiration after 1 year)
      • test_cookie (expiration after 1 day)
  • Other cookies used:
      • mailerlite:webform:shown:2444689 (expiration after 95752 months)

Visitors’ cookie preferences

If you wish to revoke cookies during your browsing session, you can either visit this blog’s Privacy Policy, under the Cookie section, or this Cookie Policy, and click on the following button: 


You can also change your preferences regarding cookie collection in your browser’s settings. 

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