Terms and Conditions

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Last updated: August 27, 2020

Welcome to this blog’s Terms and Conditions page!

This page aims to present to visitors the obligations and rights they have when visiting this blog. By visiting greenwithless.com, you agree and must comply with these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with this page (even partly), please leave this website.

This blog only allows visitors above 18 years old to visit it. So if you enter this website, you represent that you are above this age.

If you want to visit this blog, you must also agree and comply with Green With Less’ Privacy Policy. It explains how we collect and use your personal data, and clarifies which rights you have over your data.

General use of this blog

Visitors on greenwithless.com are allowed to read the content that is available to them as well as comment on blog posts. Spamming and uploading abusive or profane content are prohibited, as well as any other behavior that goes against the applicable law.

Copyright disclaimer

This blog, as well as all its published content, is restricted to our visitors’ personal use only. Visitors do not have any other rights on this blog and its content.

Green With Less is protected by international copyright law. This means that no one except this blog’s owner has the right to copy, modify, translate, transfer, compile, display to the public, combine with other content or use this content (in any possible way) without this blog’s owner expressed permission.

As the owner, I retain full copyrights to this blog and the content that is published on it. This means that if you want to use for your own purposes (beyond fair use) any content or other copyrighted material that can be found on this blog, you have to ask for permission to the blog owner. You can find the contact information at the end of this disclaimer.

All the content I share here is original, so please know that any resemblance with already existing content as well as any perceived slights of specific persons or organizations are coincidental and unintentional. Also, be aware that products, company names or websites that might be mentioned on this blog are the exclusive properties of their owners.


For any reason, I have the right to suspend your access to this blog, without liability nor prior notice. This is especially the case, but not limited to, if you didn’t comply with this Terms and Conditions page. Once you are suspended, you won’t be allowed to visit this blog anymore.

Limitation of liability

As this blog’s owner, my liability is limited to the amount that visitors may pay on this website only. This means that I will not be liable for any kind of damage or loss that visitors might experience while or after visiting this blog, in compliance with applicable laws.

The content that is published on greenwithless.com is provided to visitors “as is”. Mistakes and omissions might unintentionally occur during the content creation process. I expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind whatsoever with respect to this blog, in compliance with applicable laws.

I do not make any warranty that this blog will be available at all times, that the published content will be flawless and reliable, and that this blog (including servers, all the content that is available to visitors, and emails sent to subscribers) won’t contain any virus or other harmful component.

If some of these limitations don’t apply in your jurisdiction, these limitations will be applied to the greatest extent possible in compliance with the law.

For more information regarding this section, please read our Disclaimer.

External links

On greenwithless.com, visitors may encounter links that redirect them to external websites. I don’t have any influence on the content that is published on those websites. I am not liable nor responsible in case of loss or damage resulting from you visiting these websites. Please read their privacy policies and terms and conditions before browsing on such websites.

Governing law

Your use of this blog as well as these Terms and Conditions are subjected to the laws of France, the country of this blog’s owner (excluding any conflicts of law rules). Some other local, national, or international laws might be applicable too.

Dispute resolution

As a visitor of this blog and in case of a dispute, you agree to first send me a message to try to resolve the dispute informally. You can find our contact information at the end of this page or directly on our Contact Us page.

European Union residents

If you reside in the European Union, the mandatory provisions of the law of the country you live in will prevail for you.

United States legal compliance

By using this blog, you warrant that you aren’t in a country that the United States have designated as supporting terrorism nor that is subjected to the US embargo. You also represent that your name isn’t on any list (that belongs to the US government) of prohibited or restricted parties.

Severability and waiver


In case these Terms and Conditions contain any invalid or unenforceable provision, the latter shall be modified and interpreted to meet the goals of this provision to the greatest extent possible in compliance with the law.


If a party doesn’t require the performance of an obligation or does not exercise a right that they have, the party will still have the right to do both of these actions later. Similarly, if a party does not violate these Terms and Conditions, this doesn’t mean that they will not in the future.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

I have the right to change any provision of these Terms and Conditions at any time. If you continue to visit this blog after those changes happened, you agree to comply with them. Otherwise, please leave this blog.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about these Terms and Conditions, feel free to send me a message with your question by email at eva[at]greenwithless[dot]com

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