The best eco-friendly loofah alternatives for a sustainable scrub and shower routine


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This post is all about the best eco-friendly loofah alternatives! 

Are you planning to buy a replacement for your plastic loofah?

Think twice.

Yes, you definitely shouldn’t keep it for longer than a few weeks because it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.  

However, stop buying those colorful unsustainable plastic versions.

There are far better options out there!  

We can cleanse and exfoliate our skin using loofahs and products made from natural materials, which can then be composted at the end of their lives. 

In this article, I share with you the nine best eco-friendly loofah alternatives for a sustainable scrub and shower routine. 

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What are plastic loofahs made of? Are plastic loofahs bad for the environment? Natural loofah vs plastic loofah

Plastic loofahs, or shower poufs, are typically made of nylon or other types of synthetic material.

It means that they are derived from petroleum, which is one of the most unsustainable industries in the world. 

Not only that, but plastic loofahs are also non-recyclable and non-compostable.

After only a few weeks, we need to throw them away in the trash and they end up in a landfill where they’ll take hundreds of years to break down. 

Another issue with plastic loofahs is that when we use them in the shower, they shed tiny pieces of plastic, also called microplastics.

Those get washed down the drain, and because they’re so small, filtration systems can’t catch them.

As a result, they end up in the oceans where marine life risks eating them. 

Not only do those microplastics threaten the animals’ lives, but they also enter our food chain when they get ingested by fish. 

On the contrary, natural loofahs aren’t made with synthetic materials and do not shed microplastics.

They are compostable at the end of their lives and will usually completely break down within a few weeks.

They’re so much better for the environment

I will go into more detail about what they’re made of below.  

In this article, you'll find the best eco-friendly loofah alternatives for a sustainable scrub and shower routine.

9 eco-friendly loofah alternatives for a sustainable scrub and shower routine

1. Natural loofah sponges

Some of the best eco-friendly loofah alternatives are natural loofah sponges, which are made from a gourd in the cucumber family.

Contrary to popular belief, loofah sponges aren’t made of sea sponge or dried coral, but from a plant. 

Loofah gourds are grown in subtropical and tropical climates and have been used for ages as scrubbers. 

Natural loofah sponges are great for cleansing and exfoliating the skin and for stimulating blood circulation.

You can even use them as scrubbers for doing the dishes or cleaning your home, including for scrubbing tiles, sinks, and showers.

They’re very versatile! 

You can use them for multiple weeks and when it’s time to retire them, you can put them in your compost or bury them in your garden. 

Different sustainable brands sell natural loofah sponges so they’re easy to find, and they’re also very affordable.

Here are my top picks! 

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative has a biodegradable body loofah that gently exfoliates the skin.

It expands and becomes soft when you put it under water, and its convenient strap is perfect for hanging it to dry. 

Plus, Grove Collaborative is carbon-neutral and a certified B Corporation.

So we know it prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices!

Zero Waste Store

Zero Waste Store sells this natural loofah sponge.

You can use it for your body but also for washing dishes and cleaning your home.

The brand makes sure it’s sustainably sourced and offers plastic-free, carbon-neutral shipping.

It’s also a member of 1% For The Planet!

Zero Waste Store even has these small loofah disks, which are designed to exfoliate and cleanse your face. 

One of the best eco-friendly loofah alternatives is a natural loofah sponge.

Marley’s Monsters 

Marley’s Monsters offers this natural loofah sponge so you can exfoliate your body sustainably. 

For your face, you can get this loofah disk, which also doubles as a soap saver under a bar of soap. 

Marley Monsters is a woman-owned company based in Oregon that ships its products plastic-free.

It handcrafts reusable items from sustainable materials such as fabric scraps, and all the patterns are gorgeous! 


These generously sized natural loofah sponges by Almooni are great for removing dead cells from your skin.

They are made from Egyptian loofah plants, feature a practical cotton handle, and come in a nice reusable baggie.  

The brand sells many other types of loofahs available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including loofah pads and back scrubbers. 

2. Handwoven sisal loofahs

Natural loofah sponges aren’t the only option made without synthetic materials.

You can also get handwoven sisal loofah sponges like these from the brand Ecotupia.

They are crafted from organic sisal fibers, making them completely compostable. 

They are hypoallergenic, gentle, and safe for all skin types. 

These loofahs are very popular in the Middle East and are designed to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and diminish dark spots in addition to boosting blood circulation. 

Each one of them even features a handy pouch where you can put soap scraps to finish them up while creating a frothy lather.

It’s a great product for reducing waste!   

3. Natural loofah pads 

If you like the idea of using natural loofah sponges but want something a bit more practical to use, try showering with a natural loofah pad. 

Loofah pads feature a handle strap so that they are easy to grab and use.

That way, they won’t slip out of your soapy hands when in the shower! 

Plus, they’re usually dual-sided, meaning that they act both as a sponge and an exfoliator at the same time. 

Here are some of the best ones I’ve found, all of which have a hanging loop so you can hang them to dry. 

  • Grove Collaborative: These come in a pack of two and are made of natural loofah and cotton. 
  • The Loofah Shop: This oversized pad is made of Egyptian loofah and is sold with a matching cotton drawstring pouch so you can take it with you wherever you go. 
  • Fancy Pine: This set includes two Egyptian loofah and cotton pads. They dry very quickly and can be used for eight weeks. 

4. Natural exfoliating mitts

Similar eco-friendly loofah alternatives are natural loofah mitts.

If you opt for those, instead of placing your hand under a strap, you’ll simply have to insert it into the mitt. 

This option is super easy and convenient to use! 

You can get exfoliating mitts made with different eco-friendly, natural materials. 

Natural loofah mitts are some of the best eco-friendly loofah alternatives.

For instance, these by the brand Bleu Bath are crafted from 100% organic hemp, which is one of the most sustainable materials you can get. 

These mitts are stretchy and fit any size of hand, and their material is great for exfoliating and scrubbing your body without being too harsh. 

And the best thing about them is that they are machine washable so they’ll last much longer than other natural models.

After use, hang them to dry with their organic cotton string.  

Another great exfoliating mitt is this one by Hydrea London.

It features two different sides, one made from natural loofah crafted with a loose weave and thick fibers for exfoliating the skin, and one made of extra-soft, unbleached Egyptian cotton for body cleansing. 

5. Natural loofah brushes

If you want to ensure you exfoliate and cleanse your back properly during your shower routine, you may want to get a natural loofah brush. 

This sustainable one features a 2-side Egyptian loofah pad placed on a long, moisture-resistant teak handle.

It will remove dead skin cells and relax your muscles. 

I love that the pads are biodegradable and you can replace them without needing to repurchase the entire handle, making it a great eco-friendly option. 

The natural loofah is sourced from sustainably managed loofah fields in Thailand.

The brush is then handcrafted locally by women artisans and elderly people.  

6. Sustainably harvested sea sponge 

Natural loofah sponges are often mistaken for sea sponges, yet they’re plants while sea sponges are animals. 

If you don’t mind using sea sponges, these can also be eco-friendly loofah alternatives if they are sustainably harvested or farmed.

Also, make sure the sea sponge you get is unbleached and minimally processed without harmful chemicals.

The great thing about them is that, since they’re 100% natural, sea sponges are compostable at the end of their lives.  

Sustainable brand Public Goods has great sustainable sea sponges!

They are sourced sustainably from Greece and are of the biodegradable hardhead variety, so they have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

These sea sponges deliver an invigorating scrub, yet they’re super soft and can even be used on a baby’s skin. 

Plus, I love that Public Goods plants trees and donates its near-expired products to nonprofits. 

7. Organic cotton exfoliating washcloth

A body scrubber doesn’t have to be in the shape of a loofah or a brush.

There are great exfoliating washcloths made from natural materials that are just as effective to do the job. 

For instance, this organic cotton one will exfoliate your skin and remove dirt while providing a pleasant touch and creamy lather.

It is crafted in Japan from organic cotton and polylactic acid fiber, a corn-based natural fiber that helps with foaming.

Its long design allows you to cleanse your back effortlessly! 

Exfoliating washcloths made from organic cotton are great for removing dead skin cells.

8. Silicone loofah

Natural loofah sponges and similar options are some of the best eco-friendly loofah alternatives.

However, we might want something that is more durable and that will last for years as opposed to weeks or months.

Many of us might also be looking for something more hygienic and easier to clean. 

If that’s the case for you, consider getting a reusable silicone loofah! 

This one from the brand LaMarine is made from high-quality food-grade silicone and is designed to effectively remove dirt and dead cells from your skin. 

Since the silicone bristles are non-porous and flexible, this tool is very easy to clean.

It can also be used on all skin types and it features a practical non-slip handle so it doesn’t fall off your hand. 

You will also like this one, which is made from 100% food-grade silicone and infused with silver and zinc ions.

This loofah comes with hundreds of silicone bristles that will exfoliate and massage your skin.

Similarly to the other one, it’s very easy to keep clean and won’t trap soap scum in between the bristles.

I love its beautiful leaf shape and hanging hole for drying and storage.

Not to mention it’s ergonomically designed for a firm grip.  

9. Recycled plastic loofahs 

I was hesitant to include this one in this article about eco-friendly loofah alternatives because they’re still plastic.

However, some of us might not like the alternatives I mentioned and they’re still much better than plastic loofahs!

If you prefer using plastic loofahs, see if you can get one made from recycled plastic instead of virgin material. 

Opting for recycled plastic means that plastic that has previously been produced and used is transformed into a new product.

We’re preventing it from being discarded, and no new resources need to be used in the production process.


The downside though is that at the end of its life, you will need to throw the loofah away. 

If it’s your preferred choice, here are three brands with great options for you: 

  • Grove Collaborative: I love that in addition to being B Corp certified and carbon neutral, this brand is plastic neutral. It means that for every ounce of plastic you purchase, it collects the same amount of plastic in the environment! 
  • EcoTools: this set of four loofahs is made with post-consumer recycled netting. Each piece features a ribbon so you can hang it to dry. 
  • Temple Spring: this brand has a set of three loofahs made of recycled mesh, also featuring a hanging ribbon. They come packaged in a cardboard box. 

Final thoughts on eco-friendly loofah alternatives

I hope you’ve found this article about eco-friendly loofah alternatives helpful and that you could find the exact product you were looking for. 

No matter which loofah substitute you went for, opting for a more sustainable option can have a massive impact.

This is particularly true because loofahs need to be replaced regularly, so we constantly need to buy them again

Choosing a product made with natural materials and/or that is built to last can help make your shower routine much more eco-friendly. 

However, remember to take care of your product.

Clean it regularly and let it dry after each use to increase its lifespan.

When it’s no longer usable, throw it in your compost unless you’ve chosen the recycled plastic option. 

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What are your favorite eco-friendly loofah alternatives?

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