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Embrace zero waste mopping, dusting, and cleaning thanks to these eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer! 

When it comes to cleaning supplies, most consumers buy products from one of the most popular cleaning brands on the market: Swiffer. 

While we cannot deny its dusters and mops are very convenient to use, they’re also very unsustainable.

Using them creates a lot of waste, which we can avoid by using more sustainable options. 

In this article, I share with you all kinds of eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer duster, wet pads, Sweeper, and Wet Jet mop. 

These reusable versions will help you save money and the planet at the same time! 

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What is Swiffer? 

Swiffer is an American brand selling cleaning products and supplies.

It offers dusters and mops with disposable heads and pads, which we need to repurchase over and over as we run out.

The brand was founded in 1999 and is owned by Procter & Gamble. 

In this article, we focus on eco-friendly alternatives to these Swiffer products: 

Swiffer duster

This is a disposable duster featuring 360 degrees of specially coated fibers that trap and grab dust from every direction.

You can also get a version with one dusting side as well as an optional extendable handle.  

Swiffer wet cloths/pads

These are disposable absorbent cloths we use with the Swiffer Sweeper or Wet Jet mop.

They trap and lock dirt and dust while mopping.

There are also dry cloths we use for sweeping dust on the floors.

Swiffer Sweeper

This product is a combination of a sweeper and a mop.

We can use it to dry or wet mop floors using the brand’s disposable pads. 

Swiffer Wet Jet

This one is a spray mop that works with the brand’s disposable pads and Wet Jet solvent, which comes in a non-refillable, unopenable bottle. 

In this article, you'll find the best eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer duster, wet pads, Wet Jet, and Sweeper.

Is Swiffer eco-friendly? Why not to use Swiffer?

The problem with Swiffer is that its entire business model is unsustainable.

Its products work with single-use pads or duster heads, meaning that we only use them once before throwing them away.

Not to mention they are made from synthetic materials! 

Both the dusters and mops also come with a plastic handle, which is of course not recyclable or biodegradable.

It’s also produced using fossil fuels, thus contributing to climate change.

Another important issue is that the brand is not transparent about the ingredients its products contain.

What’s more, the Environmental Working Group gave D and F ratings to Swiffer dusters (both scented and unscented) and dry and wet cloths. 

Some of them are formulated with ingredients that are linked to cancer, negative organ effects, irritation, allergies, and other concerning health issues.

They might even be toxic to aquatic life and ecosystems. 

A final reason why we should avoid Swiffer is because we constantly need to buy its refills.

In the long run, it ends up costing a lot of money

For all those reasons, we should switch to eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer products! 

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The best eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer for zero waste mopping, dusting, & cleaning

Eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer duster

Reusable Swiffer dusters 

If you’re wondering: What can I use instead of a Swiffer Duster?

Don’t worry, you no longer need to buy and use this wasteful, disposable product to remove dust around your home. 

You can find two amazing reusable dusters on Grove Collaborative’s website! 

Very practical, this one features a versatile pivoting head so you can reach those hard-to-clean areas and a convenient collapsible handle that makes it super easy to store.

The microfiber head is designed to grab dust and lift it from surfaces without letting it go.

We love that the handle is made from recycled plastic and recycled aluminum! 

The other is this one from the brand Full Circle.

Not only does its microfiber head act like a magnet for collecting dust, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

It’s beautifully crafted from bamboo and recycled plastic, and when you’re done using it, you can throw it into the washing machine to clean it.

Its flexible handle will help you reach even the tiniest spaces. 

You can also buy refills for both of these dusters in case you want to always have a clean one on hand when the other is in the wash. 

Plus, since Grove Collaborative is B Corp certified, you know it meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance! 

Reusable dusting cloths

Dusters are very handy to have, but we don’t necessarily need to have them to dust surfaces in our homes.

We could easily do it with classic reusable cloths or old rags we already have at home. 

But if you need to get new ones, consider getting these more sustainable options: 

  1. Grove Collaborative microfiber cleaning cloths

These (they come in a set of 3) are made from a high-quality material that’s very absorbent.

You can use them for both dry and wet dusting, but also for many other cleaning jobs around your house.

2. Force Of Nature reusable cloths

This pack of 9 super absorbent cleaning cloths is machine washable and you can compost them at the end of their lives.

They’re soft on surfaces and absorb four times their weight in liquids, so they’re perfect for soaking up spills. 

3. Puracy microfiber towel

This cloth is perfect for cleaning anything from glass to granite surfaces and provides a lint-free experience.

It has three times the fiber density of other microfiber towels and features a soft, plush fabric you can wash more than 500 times. 

If you want to wet dust your surfaces, another option you have is Swedish dishcloths. 

Blueland has these, which are made from 100% FSC-certified cotton fibers and plant cellulose and colored with water-based inks.

They are very easy to sanitize as you just need to throw them in the dishwasher to clean them.  

If you like colors and cute patterns, you’ll love these by Zero Waste Store.

Made from cellulose and cotton, they can absorb 20 times their weight in liquid! 

Eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer wet pads: reusable Swiffer pads 

Whether you already bought a Swiffer mop or want to purchase a more sustainable one, you might be on the lookout for some eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer wet pads. 

Those aren’t made with sustainable materials, they’re disposable and contain toxic ingredients. 

While we might be able to find biodegradable Swiffer pads, I don’t believe those are a sustainable option.

They’re still single-use, so they’re created using natural resources to be used only once.

I find it very wasteful. 

The most eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer wet pads are reusable versions. 

The best I have found are these from the brand Marley’s Monsters!  

Made from 100% cotton flannel scrap fabric, these washable and reusable mop pads will become your favorite mopping accessory.

Not only are they sustainable, but they also feature gorgeous prints that will make cleaning much more fun! 

They are super absorbent thanks to the multiple layers of fabric that are felted together, so you can use them wet or dry.

Plus, the flaps on both sides can clip into most standard-size mop heads.

Not to mention they’re handmade in Oregon and are compostable at the end of their lives!  

Other amazing eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer wet pads are these washable cotton mop covers, which you can use with a standard Swiffer mop. 

Another great option for reusable Swiffer pads is this microfiber mop pad designed for mop heads that have a velcro attachment.

It’s made from recycled materials and is great for polishing wood, tile, and laminate floors. 

Eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer Wet Jet

Spray mops

Some of the best eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer Wet Jet are classic spray mops with reusable pads and non-toxic cleaning solutions. 

The most sustainable one I found is this one by Bona. 

It features a microfiber mop pad made from 90% post-consumer recycled materials and it is washable up to 500 times.

It is larger than the regular Swiffer pads so you get to clean a larger area with each movement, making the process quicker and easier. 

The mop comes with a refillable cleaner cartridge, which you can refill with the included Bona floor cleaner.

I love that the solution is formulated with plant-derived ingredients and contains 92% USDA-certified biobased content! 

It’s also Safer Choice Certified and made without harmful chemicals such as added scents, formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, phthalates, and more. 

Plus, this formula is cruelty-free, fast-drying, and leaves no residue.

It gently removes dirt, dust, and grime on all kinds of floors. 

You can also fill the cartridge with another non-toxic floor or multipurpose cleaner if you prefer. 

My favorites, both of which you can dilute with water, are Dr. Bronner’s and Branch Basics all-purpose cleaners!

Steam mops

Steam mops might not be the most eco-friendly alternative to Swiffer Wet Jet because they’re an electrical appliance.

But they’re still much better! 

Steam mops heat water to create steam, which is released through a reusable pad.

We can then clean our floors and remove grease and grime without using any chemicals.  

You’ll love this one by the brand Schenley!

This high-pressure steam mop has a sleek and streamlined design and features three cleaning modes.

It even comes with a detachable handheld steamer that is ideal for cleaning couches or windows.

It means that you won’t need to have as many cleaning supplies in your home thanks to this multipurpose appliance. 

Not to mention the carbon emissions of this product were measured and offset, so it’s carbon-neutral! 

Eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer Sweeper

If you’re looking for a great eco-friendly Swiffer Sweeper alternative, Grove Collaborative has you covered yet again. 

It has a practical heavy-duty mop made from recycled plastic and recycled aluminum.

With its collapsible handle and removable mop head, you’ll be able to store it wherever you want, even in a drawer! 

You can also swap the mop head for the brand’s broom head if you don’t want to have a regular broom for sweeping the floor.

This mop comes with a velcro-attached microfiber pad that you can remove for washing afterward. 

There’s also this similar option with the same collapsible handle.

But instead of a microfiber pad, it comes with a wet mop sponge made of natural cellulose.

The sponge absorbs five times its own weight in water, so it’s perfect for wet mopping. 

Another eco-friendly Swiffer Sweeper alternative I recommend is this Fuller Brush wet mop.

The mop head features thick, tension-twisted cotton strands that are super absorbent, making cleaning easy and quick.

The durable steel handle also includes a hanging hook for easy storage. 

Final thoughts

I hope this article was helpful and that you could find the perfect eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer products for your cleaning needs.

What I love about these reusable products is that not only are they so much better for the environment, but they also help us save a lot of money in the long run! 

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What are your go-to eco-friendly alternatives to Swiffer? 

Please leave them in the comments!

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