Amazing ways minimalism helps you save money


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Are you struggling to save money at the moment? Or are you trying to reach some specific financial goals this year? Minimalism is the answer for you! It will help you save tons of money! 

I’ve already written a full article about the many benefits of minimalist living.

This lifestyle has the power to improve our lives for the better. Among other benefits, I mentioned how minimalism helps save so much money. 

I’ve always been a frugal person and saving money has been a priority of mine for the longest time.

Having money available to you in case of emergency or if you want to travel somewhere you’ve always dreamed of is a real privilege.

It helps lower our stress levels and prevents us from being in a difficult situation.

And saving money is essential if you want to get a mortgage or send your kids to college. 

In short, I see money as a key to more freedom in our lives. 

There are many ways we can save money in our daily lives. But one of my favorites is to switch to a more minimalist lifestyle!

I love practicing minimalism so much!

I wrote this blog post so that you can get inspired and see the benefits of embracing minimalist living if your goal is to save money. 

Here are 11 amazing ways minimalism helps you save money! 

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11 amazing ways minimalism helps you save money

1 – You do not buy things you don’t need 

Let’s start with the most obvious way minimalism helps you save money: you don’t buy things that you don’t need in your life.

Or at least you don’t buy things that will not add value to you.

Constantly buying things you don’t need is a money mistake you should avoid making if you want to save money!

Minimalists also don’t upgrade their things as regularly as others.

They’ve learned not to keep up with the Joneses. That saves them tons of money! 

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2 – You rarely lose your stuff

A great benefit of minimalism is that, as you own fewer things and your house is less cluttered, you tend to lose your possessions more rarely.

When there is a lot of clutter around your space, it is easy to forget about certain items or lose them.

As a result, you might end up buying things that you already have at home.

When you have a more minimalist home, you usually know where your belongings are and things rarely get lost.

Thanks to minimalism, you rarely lose your stuff so you save money for not having to buy it again.

3 – Quality over quantity

If you are a minimalist, you probably value quality more than quantity.

As you own fewer things, you want them to last longer, and don’t appreciate poor quality items as they tend to break quicker.

This is true for clothes, but also for all kinds of material possessions.

And even though quality items are often more expensive, buying less but better helps you save money in the long run. 

4 – Having less makes it easier to take care of your possessions

When you own fewer things, you have more time and it is easier for you to maintain your material belongings.

Your things are often your favorite ones so you are grateful to have them and you appreciate them.

That way, you take better care of them and might even repair those at the end of their life.

This means that you don’t need to spend your money replacing your items as often. 

5 – Minimalism makes you learn to enjoy the little things in life

This is one of the most amazing ways minimalism helps you save money!

Owning fewer things makes you realize that material possessions won’t make you happy. This is one of the biggest life lessons minimalism taught me.

As a result, you start enjoying the little things in life. Those that truly have the power to make us happy.

And these are things you cannot buy.

Focusing on those instead of constantly acquiring material belongings will save you tons of money! 

6 – You prefer having multipurpose items 

Minimalists often have multipurpose items that can be used in different ways.

This prevents them from having many items, each for one specific purpose.

For instance, I own a hand blender that turns into a mixer, a blender, and a potato masher.

Instead of having 3 different appliances, I only own one, and it is very small.

Of course, what you have will depend on your needs.

But multipurpose items help save money as you only need to buy one thing, instead of X specialized items. 

7 – You’re more thoughtful with your purchases

An amazing benefit of minimalism is that you become more intentional with your things, and your life in general.

When you’re shopping, you try to only buy things you initially intended to purchase. And you don’t catch yourself impulse buying so much.

As a minimalist, you ask yourself specific questions to make sure you buy things with intention.

That way, you won’t regret purchasing them in the future. 

Minimalism makes you more thoughtful with your purchases which helps you save money.

8 – You might sell unwanted items when decluttering

If you’ve embraced minimalism, you’ve probably decluttered many of belongings in your home.

Doing so, an option you might have considered was to sell your unwanted stuff.

Giving a new life to your unused things is a great way to help save the planet, but you can also make a lot of money!

That is money you can put toward your debt or your savings. 

9 – You may consider downsizing at some point

This one is not for everyone as each individual has their own goals.

But as they progress on their decluttering journey, many minimalists consider downsizing at some point.

They realize that the space they live in is too big for them and their remaining possessions.

They often end up moving to a smaller home, and in the end, they have a lower rent or mortgage.

This also means that they need to buy less furniture to furnish the place, and their utilities are a lot lower. 

10 – Applying minimalism to your finances

When you become a minimalist, you don’t only apply its principles to physical belongings.

You start decluttering every area of your life, including things that are not actual things, like your finances.

Paying off your debt might become your priority.

You start budgeting and being more mindful with your money, buying things only when you have the means to.

You avoid consumer debt and set yourself some financial goals.

Applying minimalism to your finances can also give you the desire to become financially independent.

This means that you’ll make more effort to save money. 

11 – You travel light

This point is one of the most surprising ways minimalism helps you save money!

When you’re a minimalist, you enjoy having less stuff.

This includes carrying fewer possessions when you’re traveling. You only bring what you need with you.

That way, you do not have to pay for checked luggage!

You also don’t risk packing overweight, and you don’t have to deal with a lost suitcase at the airport.

And as you have less space, you’re less tempted to buy many souvenirs to bring back home.

You end up saving a lot of money that you can use during your trip!

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Final thoughts on ways minimalism helps you save money

There you have it! Those were 11 amazing ways minimalism helps you save money! 

I hoped you could learn something from this blog post and that it inspired you to want less and transition to a more minimalist lifestyle. 

That way, you’ll be able to save a ton of money, that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to!

Let me know in the comment section: What are your favorite ways to save money in your everyday life? 

If you’re already a minimalist, have you found other ways in which minimalism helps you save money? 

I’d love to know more about your personal experience! 

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