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Have too much stuff at home? Go through your house and follow this list of 99 oddly specific things to declutter right now! 

Whether we’re starting out decluttering or are well advanced on our minimalist journey, we all have random items lying around our homes that we would be better off without. 

Our needs and wants change over time, meaning that we accumulate things and some of them stop bringing value to us after some time.

If we don’t regularly go through our belongings, our homes can quickly become messy and cluttered with the most random things. 

And what better way to declutter our home than following a great decluttering checklist?

Here are 99 oddly specific things to declutter right now! 

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What are the benefits of decluttering these things right now? 

The items you’ll find on this list are all things that you can live without and that you will not miss at all if you declutter them right now.

You will actually feel a lot better in your home if you let them go.

You will wonder why on earth you still had them and didn’t get rid of them sooner!

Decluttering them right now means that cleaning your house won’t feel as much of a chore from now on.

It won’t be so overwhelming because you won’t have to move and dust random things you don’t even need.

This will save you time and energy, which you can spend on things that are important to you.

Whether that’s spending time with family or enjoying your favorite hobbies

Your home will also feel more peaceful and look tidier and more organized.

It will be an enjoyable space where you can relax at the end of the day or be productive whenever you need to. 

What’s more, you won’t have to manage such a huge inventory of items at home, so you’ll feel less stressed and tired.

And it’ll be so much easier for you to find things when you’re looking for them.

Those random things won’t get in the way anymore! 

To learn more about why you should declutter them, read this blog post about 9 awesome benefits of minimalism and decluttering! 

Declutter these things right now to reap all the benefits of having a clutter-free home!

6 simple tips to declutter these things right now 

To make decluttering easier, follow these six simple tips! 

a. Put on comfy clothes and get motivated

Decluttering can be difficult so we want to make the process as easy as possible.

To do that, put on your most comfortable clothes and prepare yourself a glass of water or a cup of tea. 

Remind yourself why you want to declutter and what you want your home to look like.

And if you need a boost of motivation, watch a few decluttering and minimalism videos or read some inspiring quotes about minimalism and simple living. 

b. Set a timer for 30 minutes 

Dedicate the next 30 minutes to decluttering the things on this list and get as much done as possible in that amount of time.

Doing it for only 30 minutes will help you feel motivated to make quick decisions and you won’t feel too tired or overwhelmed in the end. 

If you are not done when the timer is up, celebrate the little wins, and repeat the process every day until you’re satisfied with the results.

c. Ask yourself specific questions

Ask yourself different questions to ensure you make the best decisions.

Feel free to use some of these 50 helpful decluttering questions if you don’t know what to ask yourself! 

d. Be ruthless 

The items on this list are things most of us won’t ever miss, so we can declutter them right now without wasting time.

Be ruthless and don’t second guess yourself or overthink.

Being ruthless will help you declutter fast

e. Ask for help 

If you feel overwhelmed before you start decluttering, remember that you can always ask for help.

Ask your spouse, kids, or a friend to help you go through this list and declutter these things right now.

You can even hire a professional organizer to make things easier if you have the means to!

f. Make sure to declutter sustainably

On this blog and in real life, I am a huge advocate for sustainable decluttering.

If we do things right, decluttering doesn’t have to be wasteful or unsustainable.

It can actually be a good thing for the planet

So try to responsibly find a new home for your items.

Sell, give away, and donate most of them.

Recycle things that cannot be reused, and only discard things in the trash as a last resort. 

This list of 99 oddly specific things to declutter right now will inspire you to get rid of unused things in your home.

99 oddly specific things to declutter right now

  1. Broken earphones you won’t ever use again
  2. Tax records from 7+ years ago
  3. Manuals that came with electronics and appliances you no longer own. Actually, all manuals (you can find them online)! 
  4. Expired warranties
  5. Snow chains if you never drive when it snows 
  6. Cards written by people you have not talked to in years
  7. Plastic plant pots you’ve saved so you can reuse them but you realistically know it won’t happen
  8. Plant pots that have a weird shape or size 
  9. Staples that don’t even fit into your stapler. We found some at my parents’ house! Don’t ask me why?!
  10. Dried out pens 
  11. Plastic or paper bags you intended to reuse but did not. You can reuse them as trash bags, but do it right now! If not, let them go.
  12. Skincare/makeup products that give you a rash or make you break out
  13. Loose change. Take all your coins to the bank and enjoy how light your wallet is! 
  14. Promotional items such as t-shirts, pens, or knick-knacks
  15. Itchy clothing you always dread wearing 
  16. Keys you don’t know what they’re supposed to open 
  17. Keychains your keys aren’t attached to 
  18. Old brooms that have seen better days
  19. Random parts you didn’t use to assemble furniture
  20. Weird ingredients you bought to try a new recipe but ended up not liking
  21. Noisy kids’ toys that are annoying you all the time
  22. Scissors that are not cutting well
  23. Unused exercise equipment that makes you feel guilty every time you see it 
  24. Toxic cleaning products. Right now is the time to declutter those harmful things and make your home healthy by replacing them with non-toxic alternatives!
  25. Wrapping paper that is not in good condition anymore
  26. Leftover parts from DIY projects you know you won’t use again
  27. Excess spare buttons from clothes. Only keep the ones you know you’ll use. 
  28. Old prescription glasses 
  29. Bath bombs or salts someone gifted you when you don’t even have a bathtub 
  30. Excess screws you’ll never use
  31. Dead batteries lying around your junk drawer
  32. Rubber bands your veggies come with. I never use mine but my mom does every day, so I always give them to her.
  33. Business cards that are no longer relevant
  34. Emails from brands you don’t even like 
  35. Newsletters you don’t have the time or willingness to read 
  36. Rocks or shells your kids collected on a trip 
Shells collected on a trip are some of the best things to declutter right now.
  1. Faux leather bags/wallets/clothes that have started to disintegrate 
  2. Chargers and cords you don’t know what they’re supposed to charge 
  3. Almost empty products you stopped using because the new bottle or tube was more appealing to you 
  4. Excess glass jars. We’ve all been there! But how many can you realistically use? Recycle the rest. 
  5. Vases you never use 
  6. Those worn-out shoes you only use in the garden (and you’d be embarrassed if someone saw you wearing them)
  7. Pencils that have become too short 
  8. Cardboard boxes when you don’t intend to move soon or have nothing to send 
  9. That dead plant you’ve been avoiding letting go of. Declutter it right now! 
  10. Tablecloths, placemats, and table runners you never take out of the closet
  11. Books you didn’t like reading or struggled to finish 
  12. Coupons you realistically know you won’t use
  13. Holiday decor you find ugly 
  14. Old phones. You know you won’t use them again so let them go. You could even resell them to make some cash back. 
  15. Curtains from previous houses that you have not hung in the new house 
  16. Anything that’s still boxed up from previous moves 
  17. Excess eyeglass cleaning cloths
  18. Clothes you only ever wear when everything else is in the laundry. You probably don’t like them that much! 
  19. Socks that slide down when walking 
  20. Half-broken umbrellas. How annoying are those?! 
  21. Clothing your kids have outgrown
  22. Decks of cards with missing cards
  23. The old alarm clock you shoved into a closet because you now use your phone to wake you up 
  24. Uncomfortable pillows. Aren’t pillows made to be comfortable and supportive?
  25. Foreign currency. Exchange it unless you are regularly visiting that country. 
  26. Games for gaming systems you no longer own
  27. Wire hangers. Those can damage clothing, so declutter them right now to make your clothes last longer. Instead, buy high-quality wooden hangers
  28. Loyalty cards from stores you never go to 
  29. Ugly or damaged bookmarks 
  30. Picture frames that none of your printed photos fit in
  31. Recipes you’ve printed or taken from magazines that you’ve tried and didn’t like 
  32. Organizational items you don’t know what to put in. Think excess storage bins, drawer organizers, lazy Susans… 
  33. Old razors or razor blades 
  34. Stretched-out hair ties
  35. Take out chopsticks when you don’t even know how to use them or prefer eating with a fork 
Get rid of unused chopsticks and take-out cutlery.
  1. Apps on your phone you don’t even know what they’re for 
  2. Threadbare socks that are so worn that they’ve become transparent underneath
  3. Perfumes or other scented products you don’t like the smell of 
  4. Burned-down candles 
  5. Essential oils you never use 
  6. Spatulas that you accidentally melted. Why don’t you declutter these other 29 things in your kitchen while you’re at it?
  7. Take-out sauce packets you don’t plan on using up
  8. Dried-out paint. Please take it to a hazardous waste drop-off facility!
  9. Computer desktop icons. How satisfying it is to turn on the computer and see barely any icons on the desktop?! 
  10. Things that have been left outside and got damaged or discolored by the sun and the elements
  11. Textbooks from college. No, you are most likely not going to read them again. 
  12. Punctured balls you are unable to repair 
  13. Receipts. Did you know they contain BPA and BPS? Declutter them right now! 
  14. Free samples you deep down know you won’t use 
  15. Cheap jewelry pieces that are so poorly made they have changed color 
  16. Broken toys 
  17. China that’s collecting dust 
  18. Excess rags. They are so easy to accumulate! 
  19. Tools you don’t know how to use 
  20. Craft projects and drawings that have no sentimental value 
  21. Baby gear your kids have outgrown (if you know you won’t have any more babies)
  22. Old computers you won’t use again
  23. Worn-out pet toys 
  24. Notebooks that you’ve filled up 
  25. Reusable water bottles that leak 
  26. Uncomfortable or worn-out underwear. Only keep undies that are comfortable, in good condition, and that you feel confident wearing. 
  27. Old calendars/agendas 
  28. Broken fairy lights

Final thoughts on these oddly specific things to declutter right now 

I hope this list of 99 oddly specific things to declutter right now helped you clear the clutter in your home, so you can finally enjoy it! 

If you want to tackle the clutter room by room, make sure to also use my list of 70 things to get rid of for a minimalist home!

These two lists are very complementary, so check this one out as well. 

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What are the best things to declutter right now in your opinion?

What have you managed to get rid of?

Tell us in the comments!

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