12 minimalist home organization ideas for an organized home


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This article is all about minimalist home organization ideas & hacks!

If you’ve decluttered your home, you may now want to organize the stuff you decided to keep in a way that supports you and your lifestyle. 

You may want things to be as easy to access as possible to make your home life more efficient and enjoyable. 

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place! 

In this blog post, I share with you 12 minimalist home organization ideas and hacks so you can have an organized space.

A space that is easy to maintain and keep tidy. 

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What is minimalist home organization? 

Minimalist home organization involves creating organizational systems to make life easier and more efficient in our home, but without adding clutter to the space.

These systems help support our minimalist lifestyle, but really, anyone can benefit from them.

They help us maintain minimalism more easily, find things effortlessly, and save us time in the long run. 

Not to mention that when things are organized, a minimalist home (or any home) will look even more minimal and tidy. 

It means that minimalist home organization allows us to make the most of the space we have and create a home we love spending time in. 

Want to have an organized home? Here are 12 brilliant minimalist home organization ideas!

12 minimalist home organization ideas & hacks for an organized space

1. Declutter your home

The best way to have an organized home that is easy to maintain isn’t to use organizational products or a specific organizational method.

It’s actually to declutter our home and get rid of excess stuff we don’t need. 

When we live with less, it’s a lot easier to keep things organized and tidy.

Our space looks naturally neat and clean, and organizing the remaining possessions we have becomes effortless.

Having less also means we won’t need as many organizational products and furniture pieces to store our things.

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2. Organize by category

Organizing things by category might seem obvious.

But we all sometimes fall into the trap of storing items from different categories in the same place. 

For instance, in your closet, don’t store your bottoms on the same shelf or in the same drawer as your tops.

Don’t mix your undies with your socks. 

Storing items from different categories together makes finding things a lot more difficult and time-consuming.  

Instead, designate a specific space for each category and only store like-items with like-items.

Also, put all the items from one category in one place so that everything is together.  

Organizing by category also means that you’ll be able to see when you have too much of something while decluttering. 

3. Compartmentalize cupboards and drawers

Make sure to compartmentalize your cupboards, closets, and drawers so that the different categories don’t end up mixed with the others. 

We want something that will keep each category separate from the other.

My favorite organizational products to compartmentalize drawers are drawer dividers like these expandable bamboo ones.

They come in handy particularly if you have larger drawers! 

Organizational trays, bins, drawer organizers, and baskets are other must-haves that help keep things neatly organized and compartmentalized.

You can use those in your kitchen, bathroom, closet, and many other places around your home.

 But, of course, only get them if you actually need them.  

One of the best minimalist home organization ideas is to compartmentalize drawers and cupboards.

4. Organize things by color

Once you’ve organized things by category, you can leave your items as they are.

But you can also go even further and organize them by color if you want to. 

This minimalist home organization hack can be applied to many categories, particularly to clothes and books. 

For instance, you can organize your books or hanging clothes from darker colors on the left to lighter colors on the right.

Doing something like that helps make things look more harmonious and cohesive in your space.

Plus, it helps reduce visual clutter, which we love! 

5. Store items where they’re intended to be used

If you want to simplify your home, store your items closest to where they’re intended to be used.

For instance, don’t keep your pots and pans far from your stovetop.

Instead, see if you can store them in a cupboard right next to it. 

You might also want to keep your tea collection near your kettle, and your winter accessories in the entryway closet. 

Not only that, but also make sure your most used items are easily accessible.

Otherwise, you’ll have to remove things from cupboards and drawers to be able to get to those you use regularly.

Try to simplify this! 

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6. Use storage boxes and organizers, but do it mindfully

Organizational products and storage boxes are amazing for keeping things organized and contained.

Thanks to them, we can easily find our stuff and grab items without making a mess in the cupboard or drawer. 

However, don’t go overboard with buying tons of them.

Sometimes, having too many organizational bins and boxes can make things more difficult to reach.

So only use them when it makes sense. 

Also, don’t go and buy tons of them without knowing how many you actually need.

Declutter your space and assess what needs to be stored where.

From there, determine what organizational piece you need to store your items.

Ask yourself this question before buying anything: Do I already have something I can use at home? 

If not, go ahead and buy your organizational products, but stick to what you need.

Those products can become clutter as well when we don’t consume them mindfully. 

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Using organizational products mindfully is one of the best minimalist home organization ideas.

7. Store things vertically

One of my favorite minimalist home organization ideas is to store things vertically.

While this tip cannot be applied to everything, we can store all kinds of things vertically.

It will help you save space and make things very easy to find and grab!

For instance, we can choose to fold our clothes using the KonMari method of folding clothes.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s a folding method created by Marie Kondo, tidying expert and bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

It involves folding your clothes a certain way and making them stand up vertically instead of stacking them.

You can also store your pots and pans vertically.

To do so, consider getting a pots and pans organizer like this one.

You will be able to store cookie sheets, cutting boards, and many other items as well. 

Caraway cookware comes with an incredibly practical storage solution, so check it out if you’re on the lookout for new pots and pans.

It also has a lid organizer if you only need that. 

8. Hide cords and cables

In our modern age, most homes are cluttered with all sorts of cords and cables.

Whether it’s behind our TV or home office desk, they’re everywhere! 

We can all agree that they make your home look cluttered, so try to hide them if possible.

For instance, see if you can hide them behind your furniture pieces. 

One thing I like to do is hide them using cable organizers that I glue behind or under furniture.

I love these

In places where we have tons of cords on the floor, we can also use a cable management box like this one to keep them out of sight and neatly organized. 

If somehow you cannot hide them, see if you can at least fold them neatly using binder clips so that they’re not everywhere making a mess.

9. Give everything a home

The key to an organized home is to give all the items we own a home.

When something doesn’t have a designated home, we don’t know where to put it after use.

It means that it usually ends up cluttering up a table or other flat surfaces.

So make sure everything in your house has a home.

That way, you’ll know where you need to go to find a specific item, which will save you both time and energy.

You won’t lose things anymore and will stop wasting time constantly looking for them. 

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Give everything in your home a designated home so it doesn't clutter up your space.

10. Keep flat surfaces as empty as possible

One of the best minimalist home organization ideas is to keep flat surfaces in your home as clear as possible.

The fewer things you have on your tables or kitchen counters, the easier cleaning and organizing will become. 

You won’t have to move all kinds of things when dusting your furniture and shelves.

And you’ll be able to immediately see what needs to be put away. 

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11. Add labels (if needed)

If you’re using many storage and organizational bins in your home, adding labels to them can help you know what is inside without needing to check.

So consider putting labels on bins, particularly on those that have lids.

I highly recommend this label maker if you need one!

Labeling boxes is especially helpful in the basement and attic, where we don’t go regularly and where we may have a lot of stuff stored away. 

However, avoid labeling ALL the organizational products in your home.

Having too many labels can be visually distracting and add visual clutter.

And we don’t need to label things we reach for all the time, because we know where those are.

12. Have regular home organization reset sessions

Creating organizational systems that work for us and our homes is great.

But what’s better is to maintain them in the long run. 

If we don’t regularly take some time to tidy and organize things in our space, things can easily become a mess again.

That’s why I recommend that you have regular home organization reset sessions. 

For instance, dedicate 15 minutes every night to putting items back where they belong.

Rearrange things, throw away trash, and make the space look clutter-free again. 

That way, you’ll be able to wake up the next morning to a tidy, organized home!

This habit will help you maintain your organizational systems over time.  

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Final thoughts on minimalist home organization ideas & hacks 

I hope you’ve found these minimalist home organization ideas & hacks helpful, and that you could organize your home in a way that works for you. 

Just like having a clutter-free home, having an organized home helps us live in a space that supports us instead of a space that works against us. 

It helps us create a home where we do things easily and efficiently and where we love spending time. 

What are your favorite minimalist home organization ideas and hacks? 

Please leave them in the comments! 

Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends to help them have a tidy, organized home too. 

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