9 sustainable & organic beach towels for an eco-friendly beach trip


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This article is all about sustainable and organic beach towels! 

Beach towels are some of the most important summer essentials we should bring with us whenever we plan to spend some time by the water.

They’re great for lounging on the beach or at the pool, but they’re also essential for drying off after a swim.

Unfortunately, most beach towels we can buy are made unsustainably.

They are made of synthetic fabrics or conventional cotton and dyed using toxic dyes. 

If you need a new beach towel this year but want to choose a more eco-friendly model, you’re in the right place! 

In this article, I’ve highlighted 9 sustainable and organic beach towels so you can have an eco-friendly beach trip this year. 

Most beach towels I mention are made of organic fabrics, and all of them are crafted with the environment in mind. 

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What is the best material for beach towels?

The best, most eco-friendly materials you should search for if you want to buy sustainable beach towels are organic cotton, linen, and hemp.

You can also find great models made of recycled polyester. 

Some sustainable brands choose to make their towels from cotton. 

Conventional cotton isn’t sustainable, but they produce them with low-impact, non-toxic dyes and sustainable practices.

They also prioritize durability, and their towels often carry certifications guaranteeing they’re 100% non-toxic. 

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In this blog post, you'll find 9 sustainable & organic beach towels to have fun under the sun!

Do organic beach towels make a difference?

Organic towels are some of the best beach towels you can get!

Made without pesticides and herbicides, these towels are a lot better for the environment and our health. 

Growing organic crops such as organic cotton doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution and promotes healthy soils.

They also don’t harm the farmers’ health. 

Brands making organic beach towels usually dye their pieces with non-toxic dyes.

Plus, their products are a lot less likely to contain harmful chemicals. 

Organic towels are also overall of higher quality and made to last.

Not to mention they’re very soft, absorbent, plush, and gentle on the skin!  

What to look for when shopping for sustainable & organic beach towels? 

When shopping for sustainable and organic beach towels, make sure they are made from sustainable fabrics and colored with non-toxic and/or natural dyes.

If you want an organic beach towel, check that it received the GOTS certification. 

The brand should have also taken steps to minimize its environmental footprint.

For instance, it may have implemented energy- or water-saving practices or worked to reduce waste in its supply chain. 

It should be providing its workers with fair, ethical working conditions and be transparent about where its products are made. 

You can also buy beach towels carrying the OEKO-TEX and/or MADE SAFE certifications.

These guarantee that the products are completely free of harmful chemicals

Other third-party certifications ensuring you’re buying from a sustainable brand are Fair Trade, B Corp, and Climate Neutral. 

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9 sustainable & organic beach towels for an eco-friendly beach trip

1. Weezie

Materials: Organic Cotton, Cotton

Weezie should be your go-to brand whenever you’re looking for absorbent, fluffy towels and robes made with the planet in mind.

It has a great collection of sustainable and organic beach towels made of 100% long-staple cotton or organic cotton. 

These oversized, lightweight towels are very plush and cut close so you don’t pick up any sand. 

All the prints are gorgeous!

You can choose from colored stripes and shells to plants and little boats, and more.

Some pieces also double as lounge chair covers thanks to their practical back pocket that prevents them from slipping. 

Weezie’s towels are made in a family-owned factory in Portugal and are hypoallergenic and low-linting.

They’re also OEKO-TEX certified, so they’re completely free of harmful chemicals. 

You can even personalize them and make them unique by adding a monogram or embroidery.

Plus, the brand has donated over $100,000 and thousands of towels to different charities since 2018!


2. Brooklinen 

Materials: Cotton 

Brooklinen offers high-quality home textiles, including a couple of striped beach towels made of 100% cotton.

These feature a soft and elevated velour on one side, and a soft-woven terry on the other side that is perfect for drying off.

They’re very absorbent and dry quickly. 

If you are looking for Turkish towels, the brand has you covered too!

It has several beach blankets, which are larger than the beach towels, crafted from 100% Turkish cotton.

They carry the OEKO-TEX certification and feature tassels or fringes at each end. 

I also love that Brooklinen donates its returned products to people in need!

It even donates sheets to a nonprofit that creates makeshift beds for abandoned cats and dogs and helps them find a home. 


3. Sand Cloud

Materials: Organic Cotton, Cotton

Sand Cloud is on a mission to provide us with premium Turkish towels while protecting and preserving beaches and marine life.

It has a huge selection of beach towels that are all sand-resistant and ultra-absorbent. 

They are made of 100% Turkish cotton or organic cotton, which dries three times faster than the fabric of your average beach towel. 

Not to mention they become softer and softer with every wash! 

You will be able to choose from all kinds of lovely colors and prints, from sea turtles, whales, and sharks to stripes, flowers, and clouds. 

These beach towels fold very small even though many are oversized, and they’re made to last. 

What’s more, Sand Cloud donates 10% of its profits to different marine conservation charities! 


4. Boll & Branch

Materials: Organic Cotton

Sustainable bedding brand Boll & Branch has three beach towels made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

They are produced in a Fair Trade Certified factory and feature classic coastal shades and unique jacquard designs. 

Dual-sided, these towels pair an absorbent terry loop with a velour terry that is sheared, providing a velvety soft hand feel. 

The long-staple cotton they’re made of guarantees incredible quality and durability.

The fabric is also dyed with OEKO-TEX-certified dyes, so they’re 100% non-toxic. 

Through its partnership with Fair Trade USA, Boll & Branch has been paying premiums that go directly to supporting its artisans and farmers.

Plus, it ships its products using sustainable packaging made of recycled materials. 



Materials: Cotton

MINNA creates ethically made homewares, textiles, wallcoverings, and goods for the home.

It has gorgeous colorful beach towels that are perfect for the beach, picnics, and other outdoor adventures! 

Each one of them features different colored stripes and is made of 100% cotton and dyed with non-toxic dyes.

They also have tassels on each end, which add a nice touch to the piece. 

Rooted in traditional craft techniques, the brand’s beach towels are handwoven by pedal loom weavers who work in a family-run cooperative in Guatemala.

They are lightweight and fast-drying and get softer with time.

MINNA is also B Corp certified, meaning it meets some of the strictest social and environmental standards! 


6. Coyuchi

Materials: Organic Cotton

Organic bedding brand Coyuchi sells gorgeous beach towels made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Available in different earthy colors and designs, these towels dry fast and feel and look very luxurious and soft. 

They are crafted in a Fair Trade Certified factory and dyed using low-impact dyes.

The Mediterranean towels are even MADE SAFE certified, meaning they do not contain any toxic substances. 

Coyuchi has implemented different sustainable practices.

For instance, it provides us with a prepaid shipping label so that we can send back our unused or worn-out Coyuchi goods. 

Depending on their condition, the brand will then recycle or resell them to extend their lives, and you’ll get 15% off your next order. 


7. Modibodi

Materials: Organic Cotton

Modibodi didn’t stop at making sustainable period underwear for women.

It also has a great swimwear collection and a beach towel, which is made from 100% organic cotton.

The beach towel is available in three colors: green, pink, and lilac.

It also features white stripes and fun tassels at each end.

The breathable, absorbent, and soft fabric makes drying off after a swim effortless and is completely biodegradable. 

Modibodi makes sure all its garments last for more than 100 washes, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use your towel for many years to come! 

Its beach towel also carries the OEKO-TEX certification, and to top it all off, the brand is B Corp certified.


8. Delilah Home

Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester

Delilah Home offers three different beach towels, two of which are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

They are all super soft, absorbent, and stylish! 

While some have a more classic design with stripes and fringes on both sides, others feature eye-catching details and patterns. 

Besides the organic cotton beach towels, the brand has one made of 100% recycled polyester.

Available in three sizes and colors, this one is produced using 25 to 60 plastic bottles and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard.  

It has sand-repelling and antimicrobial properties and dries four times faster than conventional towels.

It also comes with a built-in hanging loop and strap for easy drying and storing. 

Plus, Delilah Home donates 10% of its profits to local charities and 1% For The Planet. 


Thanks to these sustainable & organic beach towels, you'll be able to relax on the beach without worrying about your environmental impact.

9. Nomadix

Materials: Recycled Polyester 

If you’re looking for a beach towel with a unique, one-of-a-kind design, check Nomadix out! 

It has a huge selection of beach towels featuring gorgeous patterns.

You’ll be able to choose towels with cool geometric shapes, beautiful leaves, landscapes, flowers, or tie-dye.

Some even feature the map of the US, California, Hawaii, or the Appalachian trail!

The brand’s beach towels absorb four times their weight in water, dry super fast, pack small, and are sand-resistant.

They’re made from GRS-certified post-consumer recycled plastic (from 30 plastic bottles). 

Did I mention Nomadix is a member of 1% For The Planet and Climate-Neutral certified?

It also regularly supports different non-profits. 


Final thoughts on sustainable & organic beach towels 

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and that you could buy sustainable and organic beach towels you love! 

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What are your favorite sustainable and organic beach towels?

Please leave your recommendations in the comments! 

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