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Get yourself some organic cotton pajamas so you can sleep sustainably and without toxic chemicals!

Having a good night’s sleep is so crucial if we want to feel good during the day.

Many things can impact the quality of our sleep, but one of them is the fabric and quality of our sleepwear. 

Investing in high-quality pajamas made from natural, breathable fabrics like organic cotton can really improve how well we sleep at night and our well-being. 

In this article, I’ve rounded up the best organic cotton pajamas and sleepwear so you can sleep well, healthily, and sustainably.

You’ll find options for each member of the family!

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What is organic cotton? Is organic cotton better than cotton?

Conventional cotton is called “the world’s dirtiest crop”.

Indeed, the industry consumes enormous amounts of pesticides.

Cotton is grown on 2.5% of the planet’s agricultural land, and yet, it uses 16% of all insecticides and 7% of all herbicides worldwide. 

These pesticides, which include neurotoxins and nerve agents, are incredibly toxic to ecosystems and can poison waterways.

They also endanger cotton farmers who often don’t wear any safety equipment and expose themselves to harmful chemicals that can have disastrous impacts on their health. 

Thankfully, we can grow cotton organically.

Organic cotton is grown without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Farmers use natural methods such as composting, crop rotation, and green manures, and work with nature to build healthy soils, which helps them grow healthy and resilient crops. ​

Healthy soils also store carbon and help to combat climate change. 

Plus, they can hold water for longer during a drought and soak it up when there’s a flood. 

Since they don’t use hazardous synthetic pesticides, farmers don’t expose themselves to dangerous chemicals, and ecosystems (including waterways) are protected. 

Farmers also grow other crops alongside organic cotton, which provides them with another source of income and food supply. 

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These organic cotton pajamas are so much more sustainable and healthier than if they were made from conventional cotton.

Why should you get organic cotton pajamas and sleepwear? 

When we’re sleeping, we want to be wearing breathable clothes that also absorb sweat easily.

That’s why it’s often recommended to wear pajamas made with natural fabrics such as cotton.

Cotton helps regulate our body temperature, keeping us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

However, conventional cotton production can be very unsustainable and toxic to humans.

So the best option is to buy organic cotton pajamas and sleepwear! 

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What certifications should you search for when looking for organic cotton pajamas and sleepwear? 

Third-party certifications guarantee that a product has been verified to meet certain social and environmental standards.

The certification you’ll find most often when researching organic clothing is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

It stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for labor and ecological conditions in textile production using organically produced materials. 

When a product is GOTS-certified, you know it was made with soil fertility in mind and not with toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Plus, it means workers were paid fairly and worked in safe conditions. 

Other certifications worth mentioning are Organic Cotton Standard (OCS), Climate Beneficial, Better Cotton Initiative, and Fairtrade.

While some of these do not prohibit the use of pesticides completely, they at least restrict them to some degree. 

What else should you look for when buying organic cotton pajamas and sleepwear? 

When choosing organic cotton pajamas, make sure they are made of good quality and colored using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. 

We also want them to be made using sustainable manufacturing processes and in an ethical environment. 

The brand selling them should be transparent about how and where its products are made. 

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In this article, you'll find the best organic cotton pajamas and sleepwear!

11 organic cotton pajamas & sleepwear for non-toxic, sustainable sleep

1. Pact

For: Women & Men

Pact sells a wide variety of women’s organic cotton pajamas and several options for men.

You’ll be able to choose from complete pajama sets, sleep shorts and pants, tanks, and short- and long-sleeve tops. 

Some pieces feature beautiful prints such as flowers or leaves, checkered patterns, and stripes.

There are even some Christmas-themed sets that are perfect for the holidays! 

Pact’s sleepwear is crafted in a Fair Trade Certified factory using GOTS-certified organic cotton.

The brand also measures and offsets the carbon footprint of all its products, and ships everything using FSC-certified paper packaging. 


2. Hanna Andersson

For: Women, Men, Children, Babies & Toddlers

Hanna Andersson has a huge selection of pajamas for each member of the family.

While not all of them are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, most are and there is something for every style! 

It carries options for babies (newborns included), little boys and girls, teens, and adults.

And if you want matching sets for the whole family, it has you covered! 

From striped to Christmas pajamas to models with fun prints such as fruits, flowers, or animals, it has hundreds of patterns to choose from.

You can even get special themed ones featuring characters from your favorite movies such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. 

Plus, everything is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, so they’re all safe and free of harmful chemicals. 

If you prefer buying second-hand clothing, Hanna Andersson also has a platform for pre-loved pieces, which you can purchase at a fraction of their retail price. 


3. Under The Canopy

For: Women

Besides its cozy bathrobes, Under The Canopy creates comfy loungewear that you can wear for sleeping.

It offers different tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, and joggers, all of which are breathable and soft. 

They are made ethically in Turkey from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Available in several neutral colors, they are dyed with OEKO-TEX-certified dyes to ensure they are healthy to wear. 

You’ll also love that they are incredibly affordable given their quality and the fact that they’re sold by a sustainable brand!


4. Coyuchi

For: Women & Men

Coyuchi has a gorgeous pajama set for women featuring a floral sage green print, which will remind you of a luxurious garden.

It includes a long-sleeve top with a matching pair of pants. 

This soft and breathable set is crafted from 100% Fair Trade and GOTS-certified organic cotton and has a percale weave.

It’s printed on garment-washed poplin and made in a factory that recycles 90% of its wastewater. 

The brand also has a pair of gray pajama pants for men.

Its fabric feels as relaxed and comfy as it looks, and it carries both the GOTS and MADE SAFE certifications.

It has practical side seam pockets and an elasticized drawstring waistband.

If you’re looking for more options, make sure to check out Coyuchi’s loungewear collection.

Its pieces are great for sleeping as well! 


5. Mightly

For: Women, Men, Children, Babies & Toddlers

Mightly is on a mission to provide families with comfortable kids’ clothing featuring play-friendly styles and exceptional quality without all the scary chemicals.

It has organic cotton pajamas for children ages 0 to 14, as well as matching sleepwear for adults. 

The brand’s pajamas are available in different colors and patterns, including stripes and cool prints like flowers, galaxies, or sea life. 

Each set is ethically made in a Fair Trade Certified factory.

Mightly also uses GOTS-certified organic cotton sourced from a farmer-owned non-profit that supports different development projects in remote farming villages in India. 

Not to mention that for every Fair Trade Certified product sold, the brand pays an additional Fair Trade Premium directly back to the workers who produce its clothes!


6. Nest Designs

For: Women, Men, Children, Babies & Toddlers

Nest Designs is a Canadian clothing brand offering sustainably made basics and sleepwear for adults, children, and babies. 

Most pieces are made of bamboo, but you can find many organic cotton pajamas.

There are even two nursing models for women, which feature snaps for easy nursing access. 

We also appreciate that all its kids’ prints and colors are gender-neutral and designed to appeal to both girls and boys.

That way, you’ll be able to pass them down to little siblings, cousins, or friends more easily. 

If you have a baby, you’ll fall in love with the brand’s sleepers!

These are designed with comfort at the forefront, whether your little one is a side sleeper, back sleeper, or active sleeper.

They’re also available in both footed and footless versions. 


7. Finn + Emma

For: Toddlers & Small Kids

If you’re looking for a sustainable clothing brand that makes pieces exclusively for babies, toddlers, and little kids, this one’s for you! 

Its toddler pajamas are available in sizes 12-24 months up to 4T and are ethically made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

They also have a wide elastic waistband for added comfort, making them perfect for sleeping and lounging around the house. 

You can get a set consisting of a short-sleeve top and pants, or bottoms alone. 

These pajamas are colored with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and are available in different colors and prints.

They also feature a heirloom quality construction and are produced in fair trade settings, supporting women’s social and economic independence. 


8. Printfresh

For: Women, Girls 

If you love prints and bold patterns, then look no further!

Printfresh has everything from cute nightgowns to sleep shirts to stylish pajama sets, all of which feature a gorgeous print and are made of organic cotton. 

You can choose from a wide range of hand-painted designs, including feminine flowers, tigers, birds, unicorns, little hearts, and even rosé bottles!

There are also more discreet styles for those who prefer staying neutral. 

Very size-inclusive, the brand offers sizes ranging from XXS to 6X.

It even has the sweetest pajama set for little girls featuring a floral pattern with adorable bunnies.

And guess what?

You can get a matching set or nightgown in this style for yourself too!  


9. Burt’s Bees Baby

For: Children, Toddlers, Babies, Adults

Burt’s Bees Baby sells the cutest organic cotton pajamas for kids and babies, as well as several matching holiday-themed sets for the whole family.

You can even get a matching bandana for your dog alongside the family sets!  

Most patterns are inspired by nature and animals but you can also pick other ones featuring footballs, dragons, letters, skateboards, and more. 

For your baby, you’ll love that the onesies have a non-slip grip in the shape of a bee on the feet. 

Burt’s Bees Baby makes its sleepwear from GOTS-certified organic cotton, and it works with factories that utilize renewable energy and recycle their wastewater.

It also uses sustainable packaging solutions, whether these are reusable bags, FSC-certified, or recycled packaging. 


10. Eileen Fisher

For: Women

If you feel like all pajama brands create pieces with bold patterns and colors and you’d prefer a more neutral option, check out Eileen Fisher. 

Its sleepwear is elegant, yet cozy and comfortable.

It has everything from sleep dresses to pajama pants to all kinds of tops.

You can even get a sleep robe, or a sleep jumpsuit featuring a double V-neck and ribbed ankle cuffs. 

Not only the brand’s sleepwear is made to last, but it’s also made of organic cotton and dyed without hazardous chemicals.

Some pieces are also Bluesign-approved, meaning that they’ve been tested to be free of harmful substances and dyed using less energy and water

What’s more, Eileen Fisher is B Corp-certified, so we know it meets the strictest standards for environmental and social performance!


11. Harvest & Mill

For: Women & Men

Harvest & Mill has a sustainable loungewear collection that you can comfortably wear for sleeping.

Both the men’s and women’s collection consists of a couple of pants, shorts, tees, and long-sleeve shirts. 

Each style is either available in black (colored with non-toxic, low-impact dyes) or in an undyed, unbleached natural color. 

The brand crafts its loungewear from 100% USA-grown organic cotton sourced from American farmers who use regenerative agricultural practices.

Harvest & Mill’s supply chain is also fully traceable.

All its clothes are sewn within a 20-mile radius of its studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, which helps minimize its carbon footprint! 

Last but not least, the company offsets its entire carbon footprint and its packaging is 100% plastic-free. 


Final thoughts on organic cotton pajamas & sleepwear 

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and that you could find the perfect organic cotton pajamas for you and your style! 

Thanks to their breathable fabric, you’ll now be able to sleep without being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Plus, you’ll be comfy all year round without harming the environment or your health with your sleepwear. 

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