16 sustainable Father's Day gifts your dad will love


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This post is all about sustainable Father’s Day gifts! 

In 2024, Father’s Day will be celebrated in the USA on June 16th.

As the date is slowly approaching, you might be on the lookout for great present ideas for your dad. 

There are so many things we can gift our fathers!

Unfortunately, most things we can find at the store or online aren’t made with the environment in mind. 

If you’re striving to be more sustainable and maybe trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle, you might want to do things differently this year.

You might want to buy eco-friendly products for your loved ones. 

If so, read on!

In this article, you’ll find 16 sustainable Father’s Day gifts your dad will love!

For each idea, I share product recommendations so that you can effortlessly find eco-friendly presents.

This blog post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something through such links, I will get a small commission without any extra cost for you. Please read my Disclosure for more details.

What are sustainable Father’s Day gifts? 

Sustainable Father’s Day gifts are made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials. 

Depending on the items, they can be made from organic cotton, recycled plastic, linen, stainless steel, reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood…

If it’s something made with different ingredients, it should be free of toxic chemicals, ideally containing natural and organic ingredients. 

Try to also look for third-party certifications such as USDA Organic, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Fair Trade, GOTS, Climate-Neutral, and more. 

The product should be built to last and produced under transparent, ethical conditions.

What’s more, the brand should have implemented different sustainable practices, for instance, to save energy or water

Last but not least, sustainable Father’s Day gifts are eco-friendly only if they are used and loved by the receiver. 

So make sure your dad will actually be happy with your present. 

See if you can get something he regularly needs and uses, and try to get a more sustainable version if possible. 

In this article, you'll find 16 sustainable Father's Day gifts your dad will love!

16 sustainable Father’s Day gifts your dad will love

1. Baseball hat

Whether your dad likes to spend time outdoors or wears a baseball hat as his daily style, he’ll really enjoy this gift! 

Try to avoid those made of polyester and instead, opt for a high-quality model made with natural materials such as this one from Cozy Earth.

This vintage-inspired cap features a timeless construction with an embroidered logo and an adjustable strap back panel.

It’s made of 100% cotton, so it’s very breathable and perfect for everyday wear, even in the summer.

It is also dyed without chemicals and using less water and energy. 

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2. High-quality belt 

You cannot go wrong by gifting a high-quality belt to your dad if he wears them every day.

Whether the one he already has has seen better days or you’d like to give him another style, buy a model that is built to last. 

For instance, this one sold by Beckett Simonon is one of the most durable on the market.

It’s handcrafted from water-repellent suede by master artisans who work under fair and ethical working conditions.

The leather is hand-finished with carnauba wax and shea butter for a deep color and natural luster.

The smooth nubuck leather lining also helps it slide easily. 

This elegant belt will pull your dad’s outfits together and is made to age beautifully over the years.

Not to mention the brand is B Corp certified, so you know you’re buying from a company that cares about people and the planet! 

3. Cologne or perfume

A nice-smelling cologne or men’s perfume is a present most men like to receive.

However, a great way to make it more meaningful and sustainable is to get one made with non-toxic ingredients only.

Sustainable brand Abbott has you covered with its lovely unisex scents that are all 100% non-toxic.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of scents inspired by nature such as sequoia or papaya.

Some will remind you of the desert with their citrusy and spicy notes, while others smell like a salty ocean breeze with floral notes. 

Abbott’s perfumes are manufactured in New York and New Jersey, and they are PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free.

They do not contain any phthalates, parabens, or sulfates.

Plus, the brand prioritizes sustainable sourcing and regularly gives back to environmental nonprofits!

4. Zero-waste shaving kit 

One of the best sustainable Father’s Day gifts you can get your dad is a zero-waste shaving kit, especially if he’s currently using disposable razors. 

Leaf Shave has a great single-blade stainless steel razor!

It is infinitely reusable and provides an intuitive blade angle.

You can choose between a version for lighter hair and one for thicker, coarser hair, and there are many colors available. 

This razor comes with all kinds of shaving accessories, including a razor stand, a pack of 50 blades, a shaving soap bar, a practical metal case, and a blade recycling tin.

I like that the product is carbon-neutral and shipped using plastic-free packaging! 

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5. Button-up shirt

If you want to buy clothes for your dad but don’t know what to get, a button-up shirt might be a great idea as it always comes in handy. 

I love those sold by sustainable brand Pact!

This one is a versatile shirt that is perfect for wearing in a casual setting, but it can also be easily dressed up for more formal events.

Available in navy blue and beige, this piece is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton in a Fair Trade Certified factory. 

It’s easy to wear, and its woven, double-gauze fabric creates a flowy silhouette.

To top it all off, Pact offsets the carbon footprint of every single one of its products! 

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6. Practical backpack

Let’s be honest, everyone needs a good backpack in their life.

But for men in particular, it’s usually their most used accessory for bringing their everyday essentials wherever they go. 

And since backpacks go through a lot during the day, it’s crucial to prioritize quality and durability.

Solgaard Design’s backpacks tick all the boxes and even more. 

The brand’s Venture backpack is incredibly versatile as it’s convertible from everyday use to travel mode in seconds.

In addition to its multiple pockets and padded laptop compartment, it features a removable, built-in hanging closet that will keep a week’s worth of clothes organized and easily accessible. 

Its design is both sleek and stylish, and the external and internal fabric is made from 100% upcycled plastic.

Solgaard Design is B Corp certified, and for every item sold, it cleans up 6 lbs of ocean-bound plastic from coastal towns. 

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7. Socks

If you don’t know what to gift your dad, opt for socks!

Almost everyone wears them, and they can wear out pretty fast, especially if they’re made with poor-quality fabrics. 

I highly recommend the brand Pact if you’re looking for comfortable, sustainable socks.

These mid-calf men’s socks are made of a durable blend of GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled nylon. 

They are shrink-resistant and feature a cushioned footbed providing arch support and flat knit toe seams for comfort.

Not to mention they’re carbon-neutral like all Pact products. 

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8. Solar-powered charger 

One of the best sustainable Father’s Day gifts you should consider buying for your dad is a solar-powered charger.

Wired chargers aren’t designed to last long and break pretty quickly, so what better way to reduce waste than to swap them for a wireless charger?

Even better, we can choose a solar-powered charger to save energy at home! 

Solgaard Design has this 2-in-1 compact wireless power bank and solar-powered unit, which has a high-capacity battery and can charge up to four devices simultaneously.

It features a non-slip silicone wireless charging pad with magnetic alignment, and it even charges on cloudy days.

It’s also water-resistant! 

9. Bathrobe

Does your father like being cozy and comfy at home?

Get him a nice bathrobe so he can relax and cozy up! 

But avoid getting him one made of synthetic fabrics, and instead, opt for an organic cotton model.

Sustainable brand Parachute Home offers exactly that with this robe

Chic on the outside and cozy on the inside, this dual-sided bathrobe pairs gauze with soft, plush terry.

It’s made from a blend of GOTS-certified organic cotton and linen and features a long silhouette, side pockets, a secure waist tie, and a classic shawl collar.

Plus, it’s certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, meaning that it’s crafted without using any harmful chemicals!

10. Quality watch

If your dad loves watches and wears them regularly, why don’t you gift him an elegant watch?

Even better, get him one made with sustainable materials like this one by Original Grain. 

Truly unique, it’s handcrafted from reclaimed American oak bourbon barrels and stainless steel using quality craftsmanship and age-old woodworking techniques.

How cool?! 

And with its 46mm case, it’s a statement piece that everyone will notice!

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, the brand also plants a tree for every watch sold. 

11. Grill basket 

A stainless steel grill basket makes a great sustainable gift for men who love grilling! 

It will make grilling and roasting meats and veggies effortless, and it is one of the best eco-friendly alternatives to aluminum foil.

Did I mention that in addition to being wasteful, cooking with aluminum foil is unhealthy and toxic? 

We don’t have that issue when using a stainless steel grill basket like this one.

It features a wide sturdy base for easy grilling and it’s crafted from heavy-duty, thick-gauge stainless steel. 

With its triple-reinforced corner brackets, it’s designed to withstand intense heat.

It’s also very easy to clean as you can toss it in the dishwasher after use!

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12. Reusable to-go mug

For men who love bringing their coffee with them on the go, a reusable mug is a great present that they’ll use a lot.

One of the best ones you can get is this Hydro Flask stainless steel mug, which is available in a wide range of colors and three different sizes.

Its closeable press-in lid slides shut to prevent splashes and messes and slides open for easy drinking (even with a straw). 

This mug is designed with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep liquids hot for hours.

It’s made from 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, so it’s completely healthy to drink from.

It’s also very soft to the touch and comfortable to hold. 

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13. Wallet

Is your dad’s wallet worn out and needs replacing?

Gift your father a high-quality wallet this Father’s Day! 

Nisolo has the perfect model for men who like durable, leather wallets.

Available in three different shades of brown, this classic wallet features many pockets for cash and credit cards.

It’s handmade in an ethical factory owned by the brand itself in Peru. 

The brand sources almost all of its leather from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries that prioritize environmental responsibility.

It also provides us with a sustainability facts label to be more transparent about the product’s social and environmental impact.

Plus, Nisolo offsets 100% of its carbon emissions and is one of the top-rated footwear and accessories brands among all Certified B Corporations!

14. Organic wine 

If your dad is a minimalist or already has everything he needs, consider getting him a consumable item like a bottle of organic wine! 

Plonk Wine Club has a very large selection of biodynamic or organic certified wine.

You can choose from all kinds of wines produced around the globe including in the USA, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. 

The brand’s wine is sustainably produced by expert artisans.

It does not contain any pesticides or commercial additives such as acidifiers, colorants, alcohol enhancements, artificial sugars, or chemicals of any kind. 

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15. Organic coffee

One of the best sustainable Father’s Day gifts for dads who love coffee is organic and/or fair trade-certified coffee. 

Volcanica Coffee sells over 150 exotic coffees from different volcanic regions around the world.

Because they are grown in areas with mineral-rich soil, these coffees are incredibly aromatic and tasteful. 

The brand carries everything from single-origin and peaberry coffee to decaffeinated and flavored coffees. 

While not all of them are certified, you can easily shop by certifications.

Many are certified USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Shade-Grown, and Jamaica Blue Mountain. 

16. Sunglasses

If your dad spends a lot of time outdoors or lives somewhere sunny, he might appreciate receiving a nice pair of sunglasses.

Check out these sold by Original Grain!

They have a modern yet timeless style and their frame is made from smooth acetate with genuine wood inlays.

They also feature a rubber earpiece for extra comfort and polarized lenses providing 100% UVA protection whether you’re at the beach or on a mountaintop. 

I’m sure your dad will love the wooden parts made of American walnut wood!

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Final thoughts on sustainable Father’s Day gifts

I hope you’ve found this article about sustainable Father’s Day gifts helpful and that you could find the perfect present for your dad! 

No matter what you decide to get, make sure it’s something your dad will love and use for many years to come. 

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