Sustainable gloves and mittens to keep frostbite at bay this winter


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Avoid frostbite this winter thanks to these sustainable gloves and mittens! 

If you’re outside a lot during the colder months, a good pair of gloves or mittens is a must-have winter accessory you should bring with you wherever you go, no matter your activity

No one likes having cold fingers, not to mention we need protection to prevent frostbite. 

But if you’re trying to live more sustainably, you might be on the lookout for eco-friendly models.

If so, you’re in the right place! 

In this article, you’ll find 7 sustainable gloves and mittens that will keep your fingers warm and toasty and keep frostbite at bay. 

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What are sustainable gloves and mittens? 

Sustainable gloves and mittens are made with the planet in mind.

They are crafted with eco-friendly fabrics such as recycled wool, cashmere, alpaca wool, sustainably sourced merino wool, yak wool, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. 

They are also built to last season after season, and sold by sustainable clothing brands that are transparent and treat their workers fairly and ethically. 

These utilize sustainable processes and often carry third-party certifications.

For instance, many brands you’ll find in this article are B Corp certified, meaning that they meet the strictest standards of environmental and social performance. 

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Keep your hands and fingers warm this winter thanks to these sustainable gloves and mittens.

Where to find sustainable gloves and mittens? 

If you don’t have any in your closet, you may find great options at the thrift store or on second-hand clothing reselling websites. 

You can also buy sustainable gloves and mittens from ethical and sustainable brands.

In this article, you’ll find 7 of them, which are all brands I love and highly recommend.

Most offer models for both men and women and some even for kids/babies.  

If you’re vegan, don’t worry, because some of them sell gloves made without animal fibers! 

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7 sustainable gloves and mittens to keep frostbite at bay

1. The Tartan Blanket Co 

For: Women, Men, Babies

Fabrics: Merino Wool, Cashmere

The Tartan Blanket Co is a Scottish brand creating sustainable home textiles and accessories, including gloves.

It has different gloves and wrist warmers for men and women, as well as the cutest little mittens for babies. 

Its classic gloves are woven from a soft blend of merino wool and cashmere and are available in 5 lovely colors. 

The company is B Corp certified and ships its products using eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Plus, it donates 2% of its revenue to charities that help protect the planet and give to people in need! 


2. Pangaia

For: Women & Men

Fabrics: Recycled Cashmere, Recycled Wool 

Pangaia is a sustainable brand selling clothing pieces for each member of the family.

It offers a pair of genderless mittens in three different colors (black, oatmeal, and plum purple). 

These feature a warm, chunky knit and are made from recycled cashmere and recycled wool, using pre- and post-consumer recycled materials. 

The brand also regularly supports and donates to multiple environmental and social NGOs.

Not to mention it received the B Corp certification and that its product packaging is compostable!  


3. Faherty

For: Women & Men 

Fabrics: Wool, Alpaca, Merino Wool, FSC Viscose, Recycled Nylon, Leather

Faherty has a great selection of gloves, mittens, hand warmers, and fingerless gloves for both men and women.

You can choose from different fabrics such as FSC-certified viscose, merino wool, or leather with a warm wool lining. 

They feature plain neutral designs, but also Scandinavian patterns and unique styles made by Native American artists. 

If you love cable knit sweaters, you’ll fall in love with the Marled Cable Mittens!

They’ll keep your hands incredibly warm thanks to their wool and alpaca blend yarn.

They also have a nice texture that’s half rustic and half rugged. 

To top it off, Faherty is a member of 1% For The Planet, and it partners with several environmental organizations to minimize its footprint. 



For: Men & Women

Fabrics: Cashmere 

NAADAM creates timeless, high-quality knits that are designed to last.

It has a pair of genderless gloves available in a wide variety of colors, featuring a classic fit and ribbed wristbands. 

Crafted from 100% premium cashmere sourced directly from Mongolian herding communities, they are heavenly soft and will become some of your favorite winter accessories! 

If you use your phone a lot, you’ll be happy to hear that they even have device-friendly touch fingers, which are super practical.

You won’t need to take your gloves off in the cold anymore! 

For a complete look, NAADAM also sells a matching beanie and scarf, also made from cashmere. 

What’s more, we love that the brand funds and supports 1,000 nomadic herding families in Mongolia and has provided veterinary care to 250,000 goats so far! 


5. Frank and Oak

For: Women & Men

Fabrics: Recycled Polyester, Yak Wool, Merino Wool 

Frank and Oak is a Canadian B Corporation that produces clothing using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials.

It sells two pairs of mittens, both of which are available in two neutral colors. 

If you live somewhere very cold in the winter, the brand has you covered with its vegan Puffer Mittens.

They are made from recycled polyester sourced from discarded materials and are insulated with recycled fibers produced from PET post-consumer bottles. 

These mittens feature a small clip to keep them together, and they are water-resistant and wind-resistant.

They are also thermal-lined, meaning that they have a brushed finish inside for added warmth and comfort. 

Frank and Oak also has mittens made from a blend of yak wool and merino wool.

And 1% of the proceeds from this collection go towards a Grassland Regeneration program in the Himalayas! 


6. Eileen Fisher

For: Women

Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Cashmere, Silk

If you’re looking for fingerless gloves or hand warmers, check out Eileen Fisher’s glovelettes!

You can choose between a model made from a blend of cashmere and silk, or one made of 100% organic cotton. 

The organic cotton ones feature a soft chenille yarn, which will keep your wrist warm from fall to spring. 

The brand’s hand warmers are all sold in at least five beautiful colors and can be paired with their matching sweaters and scarves. 

Eileen Fisher utilizes fair trade practices and sustainable fabrics to create quality clothes that are built to last.

It also carries the B Corp certification. 


7. Quince

For: Women & Men

Fabrics: Cashmere, Leather

Quince offers a great variety of sustainable gloves for both men and women.

Besides its classic gloves, it has many convertible, flip-top mittens, which you can effortlessly turn into fingerless gloves. 

It also has different cashmere-lined leather gloves as well as gloves made from shearling and sheepskin.

So if you’re looking for leather gloves, this brand is your best option! 

Its classic gloves are crafted from 100% premium Mongolian cashmere, ethically sourced from Hircus goats in Inner Mongolia.

They’re sold in ten beautiful colors and feature practical, touchscreen-friendly fingertips.

Not to mention they’re very soft to the touch and have a long cuff for extra warmth and coziness! 


Final thoughts on sustainable gloves and mittens 

I hope this article helped you find sustainable gloves and mittens you love and that you will be able to keep your hands toasty this winter! 

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What are your favorite sustainable gloves and mittens? 

Is there a brand you love that I haven’t mentioned? 

Make sure to drop a comment! 

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