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Elevate your room with these 20 gorgeous minimalist bedroom decor ideas! 

If you’ve successfully decluttered your bedroom, you may now want to decorate it in a meaningful way.

You may want to elevate the space with some beautiful decorations and make it reflect your personality and style. 

However, it might be difficult to know what to choose and display, particularly in a minimalist bedroom where there isn’t a ton of stuff.

We do not want to add clutter by buying decor we don’t really love or that doesn’t match anything else.

In this blog post, you’ll find 20 brilliant minimalist bedroom decor ideas to create a peaceful room where you can rest and relax every day.  

This blog post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something through such links, I will get a small commission without any extra cost for you. Please read my Disclosure for more details.

What is minimalist bedroom decor? 

Minimalist bedroom decor is decorations that beautify and complement a clutter-free, minimal-looking bedroom.

These pieces add personality, warmth, coziness, and/or charm to the space without adding visual clutter and mess. 

They are meaningful pieces we choose because we love them and they make our rooms more peaceful and beautiful.

In other words, they help us create a haven in our homes for us to escape to whenever we need to slow down and take a step back. 

Minimalist bedroom decor is also often functional items that can be used in other ways than just decorations.

They are versatile and are usually useful items.

But this is not always the case. 

In this article, I include some specific products to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

As always, I try to mention the most sustainable option out there so that we can all decorate our bedrooms with the planet in mind

Get inspired with these brilliant minimalist bedroom decor ideas!

20 minimalist bedroom decor ideas for a cozy, peaceful room

1. Light-colored linen bedding

To give your bedroom a more minimalist look, avoid bright, colorful patterns on your bedding and instead opt for plain, neutral options.

Choose light-colored bedding like white, beige, or gray, to brighten things up and make your room look peaceful. 

And if you want your bed to feel even more luxurious, you won’t regret buying linen bedding.

Not only is it incredibly sustainable, but it’s also very breathable and chic. 

This gorgeous bedding set from Parachute is made in Portugal from 100% European flax linen.

Plus, it’s certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, meaning that it has been tested to be completely free of harmful substances!

2. Wall-mounted bedside lamps 

To avoid having too many things on your nightstands and keep them minimal, choose wall-mounted bedside lamps instead of classic table lamps. 

It will make dusting and tidying easier while still looking nice and minimalist! 

These sconces from Schoolhouse feature a timeless silhouette and an adjustable arm letting you shine light wherever you need it.

They are handcrafted in Oregon using ethically sourced materials and are built to stand the test of time.  

3. Round wall mirror

Having a mirror in your bedroom is very helpful to get ready in the morning.

Not only that, it makes any room look bigger and reflects natural light into your space, making it even more inviting and peaceful.

And you’ll find that round mirrors in particular create a focal point and contribute to creating that minimalist aesthetic we all so love. 

I love this one from The Citizenry.

Both functional and decorative, this mirror has a clean circular shape and comes with a hand-carved wood shelf so you can showcase some of your favorite treasures.

It is handcrafted in Chile using fair trade practices, which we appreciate! 

If you prefer another look, you might want to check out this coastal-inspired rattan mirror

4. Beautiful stools to replace your nightstands

We minimalists love multipurpose items, including furniture pieces we can use in a variety of ways throughout our homes. 

A stool is the perfect example of a versatile item.

You can use it as extra seating for when you’re having guests over, but also as a small step stool to reach things on high shelves.

Even better, a stool can double as a nightstand for your minimalist bedroom! 

This one is built from solid acacia wood with a natural brown grain finish.

It will make your room both beautiful and functional at the same time! 

5. Wooden floating shelves

If you want to have a minimalist bedroom, having a bulky bookshelf full of stuff may not be the best idea.

You might want to only keep and display your favorite books and decorations to make them stand out. 

To do that, consider installing several floating shelves on the wall.

You’ll fall in love with those sold by Vivaterra!

Handcrafted from reclaimed teak wood, these one-of-a-kind shelves are a piece of functional artwork.

They look stunning while providing you with some practical storage space. 

6. Unique furniture pieces 

When looking for minimalist bedroom decor ideas, keep in mind that furniture pieces themselves can be decorations too.

If you carefully select your furniture and pick gorgeous, unique pieces you love, these will elevate your space and you won’t need to add many decorations. 

Some of the best places to find beautiful bedroom furniture (that is also sustainable and high-quality) are: 

7. White curtains

White curtains give a light, airy feeling to your room, contributing to the minimalist look you are after.

These provide light filtering while still letting the outside light in. 

They are made from 100% linen with a cotton lining and are completely non-toxic since they carry the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

The washed linen gives them a timeless look and a lovely lived-in feel. 

They are ideal no matter what bedroom design you went for! 

8. Black accents for a clean, sleek look

If you want to create some contrast in your bedroom, don’t be afraid to incorporate some black accents throughout the room.

I find that they make the space look more elegant and chic without darkening it too much.

For instance, you can choose a white rug with black motifs, black curtain rods, or a black decorative tray. 

One of my favorite minimalist bedroom decor ideas is to place these matte black iron candle holders on a dresser or small shelf.

With their clean lines, they’ll become a beautiful centerpiece you can’t miss.

Not to mention these are ethically crafted in a fair trade environment from start to finish! 

9. Pampas grass 

If your plants always tend to die quickly, you might want to make the switch to pampas grass.

They are great for adding a natural, earthy element to the room and incorporating some texture.

Plus, they blend in easily thanks to their neutral color. 

These artificial ones look very realistic, are super fluffy, and require no maintenance.

They look gorgeous in a ceramic vase like these white sculptural ones, which contribute to the modern, minimalist aesthetic. 

10. Ceramic lamp

To make your bedroom cozy, a cute lamp is a must-have!

It will create a nice ambiance in your room in the evening and is much more enjoyable than the bright overhead lights you may have. 

What’s even better is that your lamp can be a decor piece on its own.

For instance, this gorgeous lamp features a ceramic base finished in an earthy terracotta rust that turns into a grayish glaze.

It is accented with a crystal foot and brushed nickel-plated details, and comes with a warm gray linen shade. 

This lamp suits most decor styles and color palettes. 

11. Large textured area rug

To define your sleeping area, you may want to add a large area rug.

It will make walking to your bed soft and comfy while elevating your space.

This tufted wool rug will be the highlight of your bedroom!

It adds warmth, texture, and fluffiness to the space, and you’ll love that it is hand-woven by traditional artisans in India.

It’s also OEKO-TEX certified, so it’s 100% healthy to be around and non-toxic.

12. Add rustic accents

One of the best minimalist bedroom decor ideas is to add some rustic accents in modern bedrooms.

This can add a lot of character and charm to the space! 

You can add rustic accents by incorporating all kinds of rustic decorations made with soft, natural materials.

It could be anything from an antique dresser to a jug-style vase to decorations made of metal or reclaimed wood.

This 7-wick candle is another great example of rustic decor that would work well in a minimalist bedroom.

It will create a welcoming atmosphere and add a touch of rustic elegance to your decor.

And once it has fully burned, you will be able to repurpose the wooden bowl! 

Read more: The 8 best non-toxic candles to create a cozy atmosphere in your home

13. Go for a monochromatic design 

One of the best minimalist bedroom decor ideas is to choose a monochromatic look for your room.

Many minimalists choose to have monochromatic spaces, usually all-white.

Remember that you don’t have to give up on color if you want a minimalist bedroom!

But if you love that look, you can go all in knowing it will look very clean and minimal.  

If you opt for a monochromatic room, consider adding different shades of the color you chose.

It will be softer on the eyes while maintaining that minimalist look.  

14. Minimalist wall decor 

For a peaceful bedroom, avoid hanging too many things on your walls.

It can be visually distracting, particularly if you’re very sensitive to your environment. 

Choose one or two walls in your bedroom where you’d like to put wall decor.

I also recommend that you choose one big decoration as opposed to several smaller ones.

It will help create a focal point and will look less cluttered

You may want to hang a lovely painting or these handcrafted palm wall hangings

This oversized macrame piece is also ideal to add a touch of nature-inspired, cottage charm! 

15. Big plant in a seagrass planter basket

No matter what style or design you have chosen for your bedroom, a plant will always look good in it.

It will also make the space feel alive and add a touch of color! 

Whether you have a monstera, a palm tree, or a snake plant, consider putting it in this natural seagrass planter basket.

It will bring a warm feel to your room, and it’s very practical as you can easily move the plant thanks to its sturdy, reinforced handles.

And if your plant dies, you’ll be able to continue using this basket to store all kinds of things, from blankets to exercise equipment.  

16. Light-colored throw blanket

Another brilliant way to add texture to your minimalist bedroom is to always have a throw blanket on your bed.

It looks very cute and you’ll be able to bundle up in it whenever you want to feel cozy and warm! 

I particularly love this oversized throw knitted from natural Turkish cotton in a cozy rib pattern.

And here again, you can wrap up in it with confidence knowing it’s 100% healthy to use as it carries the OEKO-TEX certification. 

17. Add some gold accents 

If you like neutral colors in your bedroom but still want to incorporate some hints of color, you may want to choose gold.

It’s still fairly neutral but adds a little something to the space and is very chic. 

Usually, you’ll find gold in items made of metal, whether these are curtain rods, knobs, or metal decorations.

My favorites are these gold picture frames, in which you’ll be able to display your family photos, and this 6-tier gold plant stand you can use for your beloved plants! 

18. A few neutral throw pillows

Another crucial one on this list of minimalist bedroom decor ideas!

For a sleek, streamlined design, try not to go overboard with throw pillows.

Two is more than enough!

Your bedroom will still look cozy and inviting, but it will also be less visually distracting.

Not to mention making your bed in the morning will be easier and quicker.  

Also, prefer neutral colors unless you really want them to stand out.

Ideally, make them match the bedding and other textiles in the room.

This one from The Citizenry is the perfect compact accent pillow for any minimalist bedroom! 

It features a handwoven texture, a super soft fabric made from alpaca wool, and a neutral hue.

Plus, it’s crafted in a small workshop in Peru using fair trade practices. 

19. Wicker storage baskets for your closet 

No matter if we’re striving to become a minimalist or are already one, we may have many things stored in our closets.

And that can look messy at times.

That’s why I recommend storing small items and accessories in good-looking storage baskets, like these.

These versatile baskets made from water hyacinth are handcrafted by skilled artisans.

They are ideal for storing clothes, underwear, accessories, makeup, and anything you want to keep contained in one place.

They will help keep your closet and bedroom clutter-free and tidy! 

20. Add a pop of color

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t be afraid of incorporating color in your minimalist bedroom.

It doesn’t have to be all white or designed with neutral colors only. 

If you love color, embrace it and add some touches of color to your space.

Carefully choose your color palette so everything works well together, and find the perfect pieces for those colors. 

If you want, you may paint an accent wall (or use wallpaper) to create a focal point.

Or you may also want to add color to your textiles like bedding or throw pillows, and to your decorations. 

These oval balloon vases made from 100% recycled glass will be perfect for that.

They are available in nine different colors and feature a dramatic shape that’ll make them stand out!

You’ll be able to fill them with flowers or small LED lights or display them on their own. 

Final thoughts on minimalist bedroom decor ideas

There you have it!

I hope these minimalist bedroom decor ideas inspired you and that they helped you decorate your room with pieces you love. 

Remember to be intentional when buying new decorations to make sure you aren’t adding clutter to the space. 

That way, you can have a beautiful minimalist bedroom you adore relaxing and spending time in! 

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What are your favorite minimalist bedroom decor ideas?

Please share them in the comments! 

Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends to help them find gorgeous decorations that will complement their minimalist rooms. 

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