Ways to practice self-care and self-love
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Are you planning to have a self-care day? Or do you simply want to practice self-care during your evenings or weekends?

I think we can all benefit from incorporating some self-care rituals into our daily lives.

Self-care allows us to have a break from our chaotic lives and enjoy the little moments that life has to offer.

This can add to our happiness and make us feel relaxed.

Here are 10 simple ways to practice self-care and self-love in our everyday lives!

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10 simple ways to practice self-care and self-love

1. Make a warm drink

I am a huge tea drinker.

Making and drinking a warm beverage is a soothing experience that makes you enjoy the moment a lot more.

If you love teas as well, try experimenting with different kinds of herbal teas.

There are so many out there!

Take the time to enjoy your warm drink, especially when it is cold outside, and reflect on your day and your life.

You can also share this moment with your friends and family, which makes it even more enjoyable.

2. Have a good night’s sleep

We are not doing ourselves a favor when we go to bed long after midnight.

Whether that is because we were scrolling on social media or because we watched a movie at night.

We should all go to bed earlier to get all the benefits of a long good night’s sleep.

Sometimes, make sure to sleep in so that you can finally reduce your sleep deficit.

You will feel refreshed and will be ready and full of energy to tackle the next day.

Getting the proper amount of sleep is super important for our health.

We should make it a priority!

Try to be regular with your sleep schedule, your body will thank you for that in the long term.

Also, don’t beat yourself up if you need to take a nap during the day.

Your body is allowed to rest if it feels exhausted.

3. Read a book

Something is calming, relaxing, and cozy about reading a good book.

That could be reading a self-help book, which can help expand your mind and make you learn new things.

My favorites are Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki and Essentialism by Greg McKeown!

But you can also enjoy a good fiction book that makes you travel to places you could have never imagined.

You can go on an adventure with your favorite character for a few hours and come back feeling calmer.

It is a great way to give you time to relax and not think about your daily problems.

Reading and enjoying a warm drink are a great way to practice self care.

4. Do nothing

We are constantly doing things.

Just know that it is okay to stop and do nothing at all.

You have the right to do so.

Lay on your bed and just be.

Don’t have the TV on, don’t play any music in the background, and put your phone away.

Let yourself sit with your thoughts wherever they may lead you and enjoy the process.

Focus on your breathing.

Doing nothing at all is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, even if you do this for only a few minutes.

This is one of my favorite ways to practice self-care!

5. Light a candle while having a bath

Lighting a candle while you enjoy a warm bubble bath makes the atmosphere inviting and relaxing.

Do it, especially on a rainy or cold day in the wintertime.

When you light a candle, it adds a welcoming vibe to the room and can improve your well-being.

But remember to avoid scented and paraffin wax candles, which can be dangerous for your health.

While embracing the cozy atmosphere, enjoy the warmth of your bath.

Be in the present moment.

Don’t forget that these little moments in life add up and can significantly improve your overall happiness.

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6. Listen to music

We can easily underestimate the power that this simple activity has on our mood.

If you put some uplifting music on, it can brighten your day and makes it a lot more enjoyable.

You can also listen to music when doing your chores, like washing the dishes or dusting your apartment.

It will make the whole process a lot less unpleasant and you will be more motivated to get to it.

You might even end up doing some other chores that were on your to-do list!

7. Go for a walk

Most of us spend the majority of our days stuck inside.

At home, at work, in the car, at the supermarket…

We don’t get outside as much as we should for our well-being.

By going on a walk, you are working on those 10,000 steps a day that are recommended.

Being outside helps you absorb some vitamin D if the sun is shining.

Also, it is an excellent way to be in the present moment, admire what nature has to offer, and feel the wind blowing.

After your walk, you will be more at peace and will have lower anxiety levels.

I also think that going outside in nature in the morning is an excellent morning habit for healthy living.

There are so many benefits to going for a walk, you should try it!

Going for a walk will reduce your anxiety and is a great way to practice self care.

8. Snuggle up into a blanket and watch a movie

There is nothing more relaxing than being wrapped up in a super cozy blanket, especially when it’s cold outside!

A warm, comfy blanket is one of my favorite items that help me make fall and winter a lot more cozy and enjoyable.

You can double the enjoyment by watching a good movie that you’ve been meaning to watch for a while.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to slow down and see where the story will take you.

Getting lost in the characters is a really fun experience.

Make it even better by inviting friends over and having a cozy movie night with them.

9. Journal

I think that this one is a powerful way to practice self-care.

Being able to put your thoughts and emotions onto paper is very powerful.

It gives you a sensation of freedom as if you were getting rid of a burden.

I highly recommend doing it on a daily or weekly basis.

There are many benefits you can experience from it.

It makes you think deeply and can make you grow as a person.

I find that it helps declutter our minds and practice mental minimalism.

It is also the perfect opportunity to express gratitude.

Focus on five things that you are grateful for, and write them down in your favorite journal.

Practicing gratitude regularly has so many proven health benefits.

Take the time to focus on the things that bring you happiness, and consciously be thankful for having them in your life.

10. Have a social media break

If you often find yourself overwhelmed when scrolling through social media, put your phone away.

Start enjoying other hobbies that don’t involve looking at a screen.

Turn off your notifications and unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself.

Social media should be a practical way to communicate with people and should not be something that brings you down.

Also, I find it very beneficial to have a social media break from time to time.

It’s one of my favorite minimalist habits, and I highly recommend it for your well-being!

It is also a great way to practice digital minimalism, which I wrote a whole blog post about.

Final thoughts on these simple ways to practice self-care and self-love

These were 10 simple ways to practice self-care and self-love!

These were relatively easy practices to take care of yourself to implement in your daily life.

However, they can have a significant impact on your happiness and well-being.

There are still so many things out there that you can do to show yourself some love.

To get inspired, make sure to read these 56 inspirational quotes about self-love and worth!

What are some activities that you enjoy doing to relax and focus on yourself?

What are your favorite self-care practices?

Let me know in the comments!

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