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In this blog post, I’ve listed 100 simple joys in life that we should all cherish every day. You will also learn how to notice them, which is essential if you want to be happy. 

In today’s society, most of us are trying to buy our way to happiness.

We think that when we buy that latest gadget or the trendiest clothes, we’ll feel amazing and everyone will like us. 

We also think that our lives will be better when we have a lot of money, a big house, a fulfilling career, or achieve that next goal.

Or maybe we think we need to first find love, have kids and a dog, and travel every few months to be content with our lives. 

The thing is, most of us don’t have it all figured out in life.

But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy while working towards those goals or dreams.

Happiness can be experienced right now, right where we are. 

I know it’s easier said than done.

But the key is to notice and cherish the simple joys in life, no matter how simple and insignificant they seem to be. 

Here are 100 simple joys in life to cherish and delight in every single day! 

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What are simple joys in life? Why do they matter? 

While it’s great to have goals and big dreams, we can’t rely on them for our happiness. 

When we work on them, we tend to idealize the outcome and thus, postpone our happiness for later.

We forget that we can be happy now too. 

And when we achieve them, we feel better and happier for a time, but then, that newness and excitement wear off. 

We get used to the new situation and it becomes the new normal for us.

After a while, we feel the need to chase the next big thing again.

Whether that’s material things, career goals, or other milestones. 

And this cycle never stops!

But most of us forget that we can actually be happy here and now. 

We don’t need anything else in our lives to be content, no matter how far from our dreams and goals we seem to be. 

We just need to intentionally choose to be happy.

Not later.


One of my favorite quotes sums it up very well: 

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” – Henri Nouwen

Notice the simple joys in life to be happy and content.

But you might think: how can I choose joy and happiness?

Well, we need to notice and pay attention to the little things around us that make life so beautiful.

The simple joys in life. 

These are the small, simple pleasures that life offers us and that we often take for granted.

We need to find them as often as we can and cherish them each day. 

The simple joys in life make living more enjoyable and fill our hearts and souls with gratitude and abundance.

Thanks to them, we feel happy and content.

We feel like our lives are good enough and worth living. 

How to notice and cherish the simple joys in life? 

a. Slow down

To notice the simple joys in life, we need to make time for them and stop being so busy all the time. 

We all have busy lives and schedules crammed with tons of things to do.

But we need to pause and make a conscious effort to slow down, even if it’s just for a few minutes here and there. 

Try not to cram your days with dozens of things to accomplish.

Be realistic about what you can do without overwhelming yourself.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks from your to-do list.

Also, say no to events you do not want to attend. 

Once you have more time, you will be able to notice the good things that are happening around you. 

I have entire blog posts about slow living and keeping life simple, so make sure to check them out!

b. Be present

Be intentional about how you live your life and be present as much as you can.

Stop worrying so much about the future and thinking too much about the past. 

Instead, pay attention to the little things around you.

What can you see and hear?

What is happening around you? 

c. Practice gratitude every day

Practicing gratitude daily is one of the most powerful habits you can adopt to be happy and content in life! 

Notice how lucky you are, despite all the problems you may have.

Do it as a little self-care ritual every day.

When you practice gratitude, you intentionally think about what is good in your life.

It makes you notice the simple joys of life, the little pleasures to cherish and delight in each day. 

Practice gratitude every day to notice the simple joys in life.

100 simple joys in life to cherish every day 

  1. Hugging a loved one 
  2. Petting a pet 
  3. A warm cup of tea in the winter
  4. Watching the sunrise or sunset
  5. Cold water in the summer
  6. Christmas ambience 
  7. Sleeping in during the weekend 
  8. Calling a loved one
  9. Successfully letting go of a bad habit 
  10. Feeling the sunshine on our skin
  11. Clean, fresh sheets 
  12. Laundry drying outside in the sun and wind
  13. A heartwarming meal 
  14. A day off with nothing planned 
  15. Ice cream on a hot summer day  
  16. Inspirational quotes (check out my articles filled with quotes about being intentional in life, slowing down, simplicity and minimalism, sustainability, self-love and worth)
  17. Taking a nap 
  18. A relaxing bath in the evening 
  19. Evening and morning walks
  20. Noticing plants growing and having babies 
  21. Discovering a new place 
  22. The feeling of having clean and moisturized skin 
  23. Looking at the stars at night
  24. Enjoying a hot beverage in a café
  25. A clean and tidy home 
  26. A meal at the restaurant 
  27. A good night’s sleep 
  28. Empty surfaces 
  29. Wearing our favorite outfit 
  30. Snowball fights with our kids in the winter
  31. The beauty of nature
  32. Organized closets and drawers 
  33. Listening to ocean waves 
  34. Listening to chirping birds
  35. Curling up in a cozy blanket in the winter 
  36. Coming back home after a long day outside 
  37. The smell of a cake in the oven
  38. Receiving an unexpected gift 
  39. The smell of fresh air when we open windows 
  40. Savoring our favorite meal 
  41. Swimming in the summer 
  42. Trying new food 
  43. Birdwatching 
  44. The feeling and look of a decluttered space 
  45. Watching our favorite movie or TV show for the second time 
  46. The feeling of grass underneath our feet when walking barefoot 
  47. Singing to our favorite song
  48. The shade of trees in the summer 
  49. Butterflies in the garden 
  50. A baby’s laughter 
  51. An empty email inbox 
  52. Coming across a sentimental item in our home 
  53. An empty trashcan 
  54. The feeling of accomplishment we get when we achieve a goal
  55. The pride after repairing something that was broken 
  56. Looking forward to our next trip 
  57. A shower after an intense workout 
  58. Helping people in need 
  59. A date night with our partner
  60. Soft, comfy pajamas
  61. The smell of pine trees after the rain 
  62. Laughing until our stomach hurts 
  63. A made bed 
  64. Game nights with friends and family 
  65. The smell of flowers
The lovely smell of flowers is one of life's little pleasures!
  1. Laying down after a long day at work
  2. Getting to know our neighbors 
  3. Listening to a crackling fire 
  4. Completing our entire to-do list 
  5. Finishing something we’ve been procrastinating on 
  6. Sunshine through the windows 
  7. Going on a bike ride and feeling the wind in our hair
  8. Getting a massage
  9. The freedom and pride we feel when becoming debt-free 
  10. Talking to our best friend
  11. The calm after our kids have gone to sleep 
  12. Holding hands with our partner 
  13. Changing the decor in our home 
  14. Being able to help a loved one 
  15. Making a dream come true
  16. Seeing our kids grow and evolve over time 
  17. Clothes we feel like a goddess in 
  18. Giving a gift the receiver loves
  19. Quitting a job we hate
  20. Beautiful art 
  21. Reading a good book before going to sleep 
  22. Watering plants 
  23. The smell of freshly cut grass 
  24. A spectacular view 
  25. Turning off our phones and realizing we don’t need them to live 
  26. Friday evenings 
  27. Rainbows 
  28. That feeling of lightness after cutting our hair 
  29. Walking in the snow 
  30. Growing our own vegetables
  31. Finishing work early 
  32. Road trips 
  33. Being and feeling healthy 
  34. Being at peace with ourselves and our lives
  35. Reaching 10,000 steps in a day 

Final thoughts on the simple joys in life 

I hope this list of 100 simple joys in life inspired you and that it helped you notice the little things that make life oh-so-beautiful and abundant! 

If you want to feel content and happier, make sure to dedicate time each day to finding them.

When we see how many beautiful things there are in life, we realize how lucky we are to be alive.

We understand how blessed we are to experience life and what it has to offer. 

We get to experience these little pleasures of life, and no matter how small they are, they make life fulfilling and magical. 

What simple joys in life have you noticed recently?

Which contribute the most to your well-being and happiness?

Let’s share the simple joys of life in the comments! 

Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends to inspire them and help them notice and cherish the little things around them! 

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