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Most home decor brands sell poorly made items that are usually produced using unsustainable materials and that fall apart quickly.

As a result, all these items that are supposed to decorate and improve the looks of our homes quickly end up trashing the planet

Many people also fall into the trap of overconsumption and regularly buy cheap decorations that are not built to last.

This contributes even more to the global waste problem we are facing. 

I get it, it might be tempting to buy a $5 decoration!

They usually look very nice and we easily imagine them displayed on a bookshelf or hung on the wall at home.

But they are not worth it, and they’re a waste of money

Not only does high-quality, sustainable home decor look a lot better in your space, but it is also made to last and crafted ethically with eco-friendly materials.

These are way better options for your home, people, and the planet!

I’ve compiled a list of 12 sustainable home decor brands to help you shop for decorations and find more durable and eco-friendly options. 

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How to find sustainable home decor? 

The most sustainable decorations are the ones you already have at home.

But if you want to change things around your space, there are different things you can do, including buying things second-hand, for instance online or at a thrift store

However, if you cannot find what you’re looking for, supporting sustainable home decor brands can be the best option.

These make high-quality products with ethically-sourced, eco-friendly materials. 

Depending on the items, they could be made of recycled materials, like recycled glass, reclaimed wood, or recycled metal. 

Natural materials, such as rattan, palm leaves, organic cotton, ceramic, linen, or jute, are sustainable as well. 

Eco-friendly brands have also taken steps to minimize their environmental footprint.

They often use energy-saving strategies, offset their carbon footprint, or give back to environmental causes or local communities.

They also often work with artisans, which means that the goods are handmade.

And buying them supports the artisan and his/her family, as well as helps preserve traditional craftsmanship. 

12 sustainable home decor brands to decorate your eco-home

1 – Parachute

Categories: Bedding, Towels, Rugs, Curtains, Throw Pillows & Blankets, Vases, Baskets, Dinnerware, Table Linens

Besides its soft bedding and towels, Parachute sells sustainable home decor, including Fair Trade certified rugs, ceramic vases, vintage linen pillow covers, candle holders, and palm leaf baskets. 

I absolutely love Parachute’s oversized throw blanket!

Made of a linen-cotton blend, it is very fluffy, warm and soft, which is perfect for a cozy moment on the couch, especially after a long stressful day!

It is also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that it is free of harmful substances. 

Parachute produces everything in limited runs to minimize waste, and designs each piece with a clean, modern aesthetic.

The brand also offsets its entire carbon footprint, and only makes its products with high-quality materials. 


Many sustainable home decor brands sell thoughtfully designed throw blankets and pillows.

2 – The Citizenry

Categories: Mirrors, Planters & Vases, Baskets, Wall Art, Rugs, Throw Pillows & Blankets 

The Citizenry is a sustainable home decor brand creating everything from handcrafted wall art to timeless accent pieces that bring character to any space. 

If you plan to buy a mirror for your home, this is the brand for you!

With their clean lines and sculptural designs, The Citizenry’s mirrors are unique pieces that double as modern art. 

For instance, my favorite is the Hinoki wood floor mirror!

Handcrafted by artisans in Japan, it features a high-quality hinoki cypress frame, and it is ideal for a bedroom, a living room or an entryway.

The brand even has a mirror made with upcycled cotton! 

The Citizenry also sells lovely ceramic or wooden vases, trays, baskets, handmade rugs, and throw pillows.

I love that the brand makes its products with a process guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization! 


3 – Loomy

Categories: Rugs, Pillows

Loomy specializes in the creation of elegant and stylish rugs and throw pillows.

All its products are ethically sourced and handmade by artisan weavers from all over the world who have been creating rugs for generations. 

The brand’s rugs are all made from natural, sustainable or recycled materials.

This makes them a much more eco-friendly option compared to other rugs on the market, which are usually made with synthetics. 

Loomy even has a collection of stain-resistant rugs made using recycled plastic water bottles.

They look amazing, and they surprisingly feel like real wool!

You have a lot of patterns, colors and shapes to choose from, and each rug is a true piece of art! 

If you don’t need a new rug, you can instead get one of Loomy’s decorative pillows featuring cool ikat patterns.

Handcrafted in Turkey, they are produced using an intricate, hand-loomed process that can take up to two months from start to finish. 


4 – Ocelot Market

Categories: Table Linens, Throws, Planters, Rugs, Pillows

Ocelot Market is a footwear brand that also sells home textiles and decor.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

The company offers various home textiles featuring unique and colorful designs, including tablecloths, bath mats, throw blankets, and pillows. 

For people who love plants, Ocelot Market has all kinds of macrame plant holders.

Available in different colors and styles, they are handmade in Nicaragua by a social enterprise that gives 50% of its profits to charities. 

You will also fall in love with its beautiful rugs made of natural materials such as jute, grass fibers, and palm leaves. 

Plus, if you’re a book-lover, Ocelot Market has several bookends in the shape of lions or zebras.

These are hand-carved from sustainably sourced wood and are the perfect addition to your bookshelf!


It is important to buy rugs from sustainable brands so that they can be made with eco-friendly materials.

5 – Ten Thousand Villages

Categories: Wall Art, Baskets, Candle Holders, Picture Frames, Sculptures, Decorative Boxes, Vases

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization, Ten Thousand Villages brings to the world unique, fairly-traded home decor. 

It has a huge selection of iron and ceramic candle holders designed in a variety of shapes and colors, like this cute little lotus flower one. 

Ten Thousand Villages also creates wooden picture frames, one-of-a-kind sculptures, gorgeous vases, and decorative boxes in which you can hide your jewelry or other treasures. 

And if you’re looking for table lamps, the brand has you covered!

It sells a few salt lamps, mood lamps, as well as a cool lamp made of onyx stone. 

Each piece is handcrafted by an artisan who uses traditional techniques and materials, mixing them with modern designs. 


6 – Made Trade

Categories: Wall Decor, Rugs, Baskets, Vases, Throw Pillows, Curtains

Made Trade is an ethical marketplace with thousands of sustainable home goods and clothing from conscious brands

From beautiful rattan wall baskets to upcycled throw blankets to embroidered coasters, the brand has a huge variety of home decor designed to match any style.

It even offers Christmas ornaments, handmade rugs, and fair trade storage baskets! 

Made Trade only sells products made with eco-friendly materials, like sisal, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics.

Plus, there are options for all budgets: if you want to find more affordable pieces to decorate your space, you can find some cool ones for less than $20!

Purchasing home decor from Made Trade means that you are supporting a family-owned company that is also climate-neutral certified!

Many of its products are unique pieces handcrafted by talented artisans from all over the world. 


7 – Goodee 

Categories: Cushions, Baskets, Vases, Rugs, Trays, Throw Blankets, Wall Decor

Goodee is an ethical online marketplace that curates sustainable home goods for people looking to make more conscious choices. 

The company creates incredibly beautiful rugs, available in many colors, patterns and materials.

With its flower shape, the Flora Bloom 2 rug is a statement piece in any living room, and it will remind you of the beauty of nature on a daily basis. 

To elevate your space, you can also pick one of Goodee’s wall decor pieces or one of its fun-shaped vases made of recycled glass to put your flowers in.

You will also love the company’s lamps, decorative pillows and throws, and its baskets made from natural materials.

Goodee is a brand you can trust and feel good about supporting!

It is a certified B Corporation that is also a member of 1% For The Planet and climate-neutral certified!


8 – VivaTerra

Categories: Mirrors, Rugs, Vases, Planters, Wall Decor, Lanterns, Candles, Throws, Wreaths

VivaTerra creates eco-friendly home decor and furniture blending modern design, global inspiration and sustainable materials.

Its numerous decorations will help you transform your home into a sanctuary! 

The brand designs its decor in a variety of styles, from mid-century modern pieces to bohemian decor to urban and minimalist-looking items. 

If you’re looking for nice mirrors, VivaTerra has some great options made of wood, metal, rattan, seagrass, and cotton rope.

There are also lots of lamps and light fixtures, most of which will remind you of the natural world thanks to their thoughtful detailing. 

VivaTerra even sells different wreaths that you can hang on your front door or around your house.

If you want one that will last for decades, those made of reclaimed metal are perfect for you! 


Sustainable home decor brands sell incredibly beautiful vases to decorate our homes with.

9 – The Little Market

Categories: Candles, Blankets, Pillow Covers, Wall Decor, Vases, Frames, Baskets, Trays, Planters

The Little Market is a fair trade nonprofit selling artisan-made products for the home.

It sources its products from artisan groups in underserved communities, such as people with disabilities, survivors of sex trafficking, and refugees. 

You can help support these makers by choosing to buy home decor from The Little Market.

You will find everything from candles to wall hangings to vases made from hand-blown recycled glass. 

The shop also has an incredible selection of hand-woven baskets!

Produced using natural materials like sisal and rattan, they are a great storage staple in which you can hide blankets or children’s toys.

And you can even use them as planters! 

The Little Market makes cute little Christmas ornaments for the festive season and garlands for all occasions, as well as other seasonal decorations.

Its embroidered pillow covers and cozy blankets are a nice addition to any couch or bed. 


10 – Accompany

Categories: Throws, Vases, Baskets, Candles, Figurines, Planters

Accompany is a curated marketplace that is also B Corp certified, where you can shop for ethically made, fair trade home goods and clothing.

The styles are created by designers from different regions of the world. 

The company makes lots of hand-woven throw blankets that are works of art on their own.

Made from linen, alpaca wool or cotton, these throws feature attractive patterns and colors that stand out next to muted furnishings. 

Accompany also crafts lovely decorative accent pieces.

It has different vases and baskets handmade using sustainable materials like rattan, recycled plastic, raffia, and banana fibers. 

The brand even sells fun animal figurines that you can place on a shelf or your desk.

These accent pieces are made by women artisans in Uganda using natural materials and organic dyes. 


11 – Obakki

Categories: Wall Hangings, Vases, Pottery, Candles, Baskets, Table Linens, Throw Blankets, Pillows, Rugs

Obakki brings you beautiful homewares prioritizing sustainability, ethical production and traceability.

It partners with artisans from all over the world, from Mexico to Kenya to Japan. 

The brand’s candles are truly unique!

Made of 100% natural beeswax using ancient techniques, they have one-of-a-kind designs, and some are even shaped into a bouquet of flowers. 

Obakki also offers pottery pieces that feature embellishments made with smooth stones and natural pigments.

This collection is produced in small batches and consists of vases, plates, jars, planters, and bowls. 

I absolutely love Obakki’s wall hangings!

The brand makes them using natural plant fibers, or rocks and twine.

Their eye-catching details will add a “wow” factor to your home! 

You can also buy different types of home textiles, including high-quality table linens, handwoven rugs, and cushions. 


12 – 54kibo

Categories: Lighting, Rugs, Pillows, Wall Art, Figurines

54kibo is a female-owned, sustainable home decor brand creating modern and colorful products.

The pieces are handcrafted by artists from Africa and its diaspora who use centuries-old techniques like beadwork, handweaving, goldsmithing, and embroidery. 

It offers a wide collection of light fixtures and lamps, including some stunning pendant lights.

They feature one-of-a-kind shapes, and you can choose between various beaded, wooden, or metal designs. 

54kibo also sells unique wall art, including tapestries and wall baskets that you can hang wherever you want.

It even has cool mirrors made with beads or wood wrapped in a colored wax cord. 

For your floors, pick one of the brand’s hand-knotted rugs!

Produced using cotton, wool or bamboo silk, these boho African print rugs will add personality and a distinct texture to your living room! 


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