15 minimalist dorm room ideas to copy for your college dorm


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This blog post is all about minimalist dorm room ideas! 

Are you moving into your new college dorm soon? 

If so, you may be looking for the best ways to decorate it and what you should bring with you so that it becomes a cozy nest you love spending time in. 

The thing is, dorm rooms are usually quite small and because of it, they can become incredibly messy and cluttered quickly.

That’s why we need to be careful about what we get for our new space. 

And especially if you’re into minimalism or you love the minimalist aesthetic, you don’t want to bring a ton of stuff you don’t need.

Otherwise, your new room will look cluttered all the time! 

In this article, I’m sharing with you 15 awesome minimalist dorm room ideas you’ll want to copy for your college dorm. 

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What is a minimalist dorm room?

A minimalist dorm room is a dorm where you’ve only brought the essentials for your everyday life in college with you.

You have everything you need, love, and use regularly. 

Even though dorm rooms are pretty small, a minimalist one will usually look quite spacious given there isn’t clutter piling up everywhere. 

Everything you have is useful and cherished, so there isn’t clutter taking up space unnecessarily. 

A minimalist dorm room also often highlights the minimalist aesthetic with clean lines, neutral colors, and sleek modern design.  

In this article, you'll find the best minimalist dorm room ideas.

Why you need these minimalist dorm room ideas as a student

These minimalist dorm room ideas will help you create the perfect room for your college needs.

They will help you be productive and focus on your important tasks and assignments as you won’t be distracted by all the clutter and messes. 

The space will feel calm and peaceful, meaning that it will be easier for you to rest and relax after a long day.

Cleaning will also be a lot easier and quicker as you won’t have to move stuff around and dust all kinds of unnecessary knick-knacks. 

Did I mention moving in and out of your dorm will be effortless with fewer belongings? 

Finally, having a minimalist dorm room means you don’t need to go and buy tons of stuff for it.

Plus, the items I mention to optimize the space are things that are relatively affordable and great if you’re on a budget! 

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15 minimalist dorm room ideas to copy for your college dorm

1. Declutter before moving in and make it a habit to have a minimalist dorm room

The key to having a minimalist dorm room is to make sure you only have things you need, love, and use regularly.

You want it to be as free of clutter as possible, otherwise it will look very cramped and chaotic. 

So before moving into your new dorm room, go through everything you own and declutter what you don’t love, use, and need anymore.

There is no need to keep that stuff at your parents’ house.

Let them have a clutter-free home too! 

Also, once you’ve moved in, make it a habit to declutter your space regularly.

I recommend doing it at least every three months, if not more. 

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One of the most important minimalist dorm room ideas is to declutter your room regularly.

2. Buy furniture with a minimalist look

Whether we live in our own house or a dorm room, the furniture we have in our space is the foundation of our decor and home design. 

If you want your dorm room to look minimalist, choose furniture pieces that have a sleek, minimal design and clean lines. 

Avoid pieces featuring lots of details and carvings as those can make the space look busier than it actually is. 

Also, do not get furniture that you don’t truly need.

Keep the number of pieces as low as possible because furniture takes up space.

Adding too many of them will prevent you from achieving that minimalist aesthetic. 

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3. Hide all your clutter in beautiful baskets

When we live in a tiny room and have all our belongings there, we can usually see our stuff everywhere we look.

We have all kinds of things scattered around the space and it can create a lot of visual clutter

So try to store your items in your dresser, nightstand, or desk drawers if possible.

If you cannot store everything in your furniture pieces, keep them contained in beautiful baskets and storage bins. 

You can then put those under your bed to maximize the space you have. 

Ideally, opt for baskets that have lids so you can close them and keep your items out of sight.

I love these hand-woven wicker baskets and practical under-the-bed storage bins

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4. Keep your desk as empty as possible to have a minimalist dorm room

As a student, you’re probably using your desk every day.

It’s important to keep it clutter-free so you can focus on your work and assignments without being distracted by the mess. 

So keep as few things on it as possible.

Of course, have all your essentials easily accessible, but avoid putting unnecessary decor or knick-knacks on it. 

If you need something to store office supplies and other essentials, consider getting a desk organizer like this one or this one

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Looking for minimalist dorm room ideas? Keep your desk as empty as possible.

5. Use functional items as decorations

One of the best minimalist dorm room ideas is to use functional items as decorations.

See what you use every day, and instead of getting an ugly version, try to get a more beautiful one. 

It means that these items will not only serve a practical purpose, but they’ll also double as decorations to elevate your space! 

For instance, instead of getting cheap polyester curtains, buy some elegant linen ones.

Instead of a plastic laundry basket, you may want to get one made of cotton rope.

A lovely round mirror like this one is another great functional item that doubles as decor.

Plus, it helps reflect natural light and make the room look bigger!

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6. Choose neutral colors 

If you want a minimalist dorm room, try not to have too many colors in your space. 

The best is to stick to a few neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, or wood.

Incorporate those in your furniture, home textiles, and decorations. 

You can also use an accent color if you want to add a pop of color to the space.

For instance, you may want to go for wooden furniture with blue or pink shades on your bedding and wall art. 

The key is to make the room look peaceful and calming.

You don’t want it to be too stimulating for your eyes by having too many colors that don’t go together or bright bold ones everywhere. 

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7. Avoid busy patterns to have a minimalist dorm room

Avoid busy patterns as much as possible to have a more minimal aesthetic.

Patterns add character to the room so I’m definitely not against them.

However, they can also make the space look busier and even more chaotic. 

So try to stick to plain, solid colors if you can.

This applies to your bedding, curtains, wall art, and more.

If you still want to use patterns in your decor, see if you can opt for more discrete ones. 

Similarly, avoid decor with sayings on them.

While they can feature inspiring quotes, they add visual clutter so they’re not ideal for a minimalist dorm room. 

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Avoiding busy patterns is one of the best minimalist dorm room ideas.

8. Don’t go overboard with throw pillows

I’m all for cozy, comfy throw pillows!

But too often, people go overboard and have tons of them on their beds.

If you want a minimal-looking space, I recommend only using three throw pillows at the most. 

This will help make the room look less busy.

Not to mention making our bed in the morning and preparing it for the night will become easier and quicker. 

Also, consider using simple throw pillows instead of ones featuring bold colors and patterns. 

For instance, check these out!

They have a simple design yet add visual interest with their waffle three-dimensional weave.

They’re available in various colors and complement any home decor.

Not to mention they’re OEKO-TEX certified, so they’re completely free of harmful chemicals.

If you prefer a more boho look, these will be perfect.

They’re made of a linen-cotton blend and feature cool little fringes at the edges. 

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9. Decorate with a few plants 

Besides using functional items to decorate your dorm room, you may also want to add a few plants to your space. 

These will add some greenery, which is great especially if you opted for neutral colors for your room.

Plants also help clean the air and make the space feel more alive. 

However, just like with throw pillows, don’t go overboard with them.

Dorm rooms are quite small and you don’t want yours to look cramped because you have too many plants

Also, to avoid having them take up space on the floor, consider hanging them from the ceiling or on shelves. 

10. Simple wall art for a minimalist dorm room

One of my favorite minimalist dorm room ideas is to simplify your decor and choose simple, minimal-looking wall art. 

You can get a canvas print, a tapestry, a picture frame with a lovely photo, a wall hanging, or other wall decor.

Make sure they feature calm, soothing colors, and avoid busy, chaotic designs.

You want them to complement your other decor instead of going against it. 

Also, choose quality over quantity.

Pick only a few wall decor pieces you absolutely love instead of filling your walls with cheaply made pieces.  

Here are some examples of minimalist wall decor:

Need some minimalist dorm room ideas? Keep your wall decor simple and minimal.

11. Add texture

To prevent your dorm room from feeling cold and uninviting, make sure to add some texture to your space.

This will help make the room incredibly cozy and welcoming! 

For instance, you may want to use a throw blanket on your bed or a beautiful rug on the floor.

Here again, opt for simpler designs like plain, neutral colors. 

If you want to add some visual interest to the room without having it feel chaotic and busy, prefer geometric patterns.

These can still have a minimalist look. 

12. Keep your cords and cables organized to have a minimalist dorm room

As a student, you’re probably spending a lot of time in front of your computer and phone.

And when there are electronics in our space, we inevitably have lots of cords and cables around. 

When scattered everywhere, those don’t look good at all.

They make the room look messy and disorganized!

Plus, no one likes tripping over cords and spending our precious time untangling them, right? 

Fortunately, there are different solutions to that.

My favorite one is to use a cable management box to keep all the cords and cables contained in one place.

Choose a good-looking model like this one, which has a sleek modern design.

It will keep your cables organized and out of sight. 

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13. Have different lighting options

To cozy up your space, skip your overhead lights whenever you can.

Of course, you may need them when you’re studying or reading. 

But when you’re relaxing or doing something else, consider switching a lovely lamp on to create a warmer atmosphere.

You can place it on your dresser or nightstand depending on your needs and preferences. 

You might also need a desk lamp for your studying sessions.

You can make things even more inviting by adding fairy lights, which you can light whenever you feel like adding a magical touch to your minimalist dorm room.  

Using fairy lights to cozy up your space is one of my favorite minimalist dorm room ideas.

14. Install floating shelves for your books

Installing floating shelves for your books is one of the best minimalist dorm room ideas! 

You don’t need to have an entire bookcase for storing your textbooks and school papers

That piece of furniture can be bulky and takes up precious space in a pretty small room. 

Instead, install floating shelves on your wall, like these

Not only will they serve to store your books, but you’ll also be able to display some of your favorite decor pieces on them. 

And they look much more minimalist than a bookcase! 

15. Add some black or gold accents 

If you’ve chosen to stick to a neutral color palette, you may want to add some black or gold accents to your space to add some contrast.

This is particularly true if you went for an all-white theme. 

Black or gold accents both look very elegant and contribute to that clean, minimalist aesthetic.

They’re perfect if you want to elevate your dorm room design!

Whether you choose to go for black or gold accents (or both), you can incorporate them into all kinds of items around your space.

Here are some ideas: metal candle holders, organizing trays, picture frames, and vases

Final thoughts on minimalist dorm room ideas 

I hope this article about minimalist dorm room ideas was helpful and that you could get inspired before moving into your dorm.

Remember that the key to a minimalist dorm room is to keep it clutter-free.

It doesn’t require you to buy stuff to fill it.

It’s quite the opposite actually.

So choose your decor and daily essentials in a meaningful way and you’ll have the dorm of your dreams! 

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What are your favorite minimalist dorm room ideas? 

Please leave them in the comments! 

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