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This post is all about sustainable spring activities!

Want to make the most out of spring this year?

There are tons of fun, cool things we can do to create memories with or without our loved ones. 

But if you’re striving to be more sustainable and help the environment, you might want to make sure you’re doing them in an eco-friendly way. 

In this article, I share with you 18 sustainable spring activities so you can celebrate the warmer weather and the planet simultaneously. 

Many activities you’ll find on this list are things to do outside, but there are also several ones you can do from the comfort of your home. 

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Why you need this list of sustainable spring activities

While sustainable living can sometimes require us to give up on some conveniences, it doesn’t mean we should restrict ourselves completely and stop living. 

We are all allowed to enjoy our lives here on the planet! 

One way to do that is to spend our free time doing fun, exciting things or simply things that we want to do.

Luckily, many of these things are sustainable by themselves or we can do them in an eco-friendly way.  

Here are 18 sustainable spring activities you'll love doing this season!

18 sustainable spring activities you’ll love this season

1. Organize a picnic

Since the weather is getting warmer, we should take advantage of this opportunity to get outside more and more. 

Something I love doing at that time of the year is picnics.

Whether it’s at the beach, in a park, or a forest, consider bringing some food and drinks so you can eat outside in the sun. 

The great thing about picnics is you can do them with your family, friends, or even alone!

Don’t forget your zero-waste essentials such as your reusable water bottle, reusable cutlery set, and cloth napkins

To reduce waste, bring your food in reusable storage containers and silicone bags, or wrap your sandwiches in beeswax wraps.  

Of course, once you’ve finished eating, make sure to pick up after yourself and don’t leave anything behind. 

2. Start a garden 

Spring is the best season to start a garden and plant some veggies, herbs, or fruit trees.

You can also make your garden even more beautiful by planting some flowers that are native to your region.

Both you and the pollinators will love them when they start blooming!

Even better, try to only plant organic and non-GMO seeds.

They will grow into delicious organic food that is not only better for the planet but also for your health. 

To water your garden more sustainably, consider installing a rainwater collection system.

It will help you save a lot of water (and money). 

If you don’t have a yard or garden, you can still do some gardening.

For instance, you can easily grow things in pots on a balcony or windowsill.

3. Visit a botanical garden

What better moment to visit a botanical garden than in the spring?

All the flowers will have bloomed and you will get to learn a ton of things about them. 

It’s one of the best sustainable spring activities to do with your family! 

If you don’t have a botanical garden nearby, see if you can visit a local park instead.

You will still be able to admire some flowers and beautiful nature. 

One of my favorite sustainable spring activities is to visit a botanical garden.

4. Celebrate Earth Day

If you’re trying to live more sustainably or if you’re living a zero-waste lifestyle, remember to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, 2024!

Consider doing some sustainable crafts with your kids and explain to them why it’s important to make things more eco-friendly.

You can also go on a nice walk in nature and think about how grateful you are for having such a beautiful planet. 

One thing I did one year was turn off all the electricity in my home for an hour in the evening.

It was really fun to light candles and unplug from technology!

5. Spring clean sustainably

If you’re planning to deep clean your house this spring, make sure to do it using eco-friendly products. 

Swap those toxic conventional cleaning products for natural, eco-friendly cleaners.

From windows to kitchen counters to your shower, you can clean almost everything with white vinegar mixed with water.

I also find baking soda incredibly effective for cleaning sinks, eliminating mildew, removing stains, and deodorizing. 

If you prefer ready-made products, I highly recommend Dr Bronner’s multipurpose cleaner

I also love the following sustainable, non-toxic cleaning brands:

Read more:

6. Go forest bathing

Forest bathing is a very popular practice in Japan.

It consists in visiting a forest and fully immersing yourself in it. 

Pay attention to everything alive around you.

Look at the leaves and how the sun shines through them.

See if you can spot an animal or find some mushrooms and flowers.

Listen to the relaxing nature sounds

Going to the forest is an enjoyable activity that will ground you in the present moment.

It will help you relieve stress and anxiety, and you’ll return home feeling calm and happy afterward.

And it has so many other benefits for your physical and mental health! 

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Want to try out some sustainable spring activities this season? Go forest bathing!

7. Go on regular bike rides

If you have somewhere near your home where you can safely go on a bike ride, take advantage of that.  

You’ll get to explore your local area while moving your body and spending quality time breathing in fresh air. 

What’s more, cycling helps strengthen your legs, boosts mental health, and prevents all kinds of medical conditions!  

You can even run some errands or go to work riding your bike if that’s possible for you. 

8. Birdwatching 

Find a nature reserve near where you live or even a park, and go birdwatching with your loved ones.

It’ll be a fun activity that will help you all become more conscious of what animals are living in your state or country. 

Pay attention to what they are doing and how they are chirping. 

Plus, birds are incredibly cute and some of them feature gorgeous colors on their feathers! 

9. Go on a camping trip 

On those warmer spring days, plan a weekend trip with your family or friends and go camping.

It will bring you closer to nature and will be the perfect opportunity to turn off your phone and stay away from screens and social media!

When camping, remember not to leave anything in nature and don’t disturb the local wildlife.

Also, try to reduce how many disposable items you bring with you.

Instead, bring your reusables wherever you go. 

Also, if you need new gear, consider getting it second-hand.

It will cost so much less and it’s so much better for the environment. 

10. Organize a trash pick-up day

One of the most sustainable spring activities you can do this season is to organize a trash pick-up outing with your family or friends. 

Take several trash bags with you as well as some gloves to protect your hands.

Then see where picking up trash would be the most impactful.

Is it on a nearby beach?

The local park?

The river banks?

Start there and have fun while doing it!

It doesn’t have to be a whole day, because even if you do it for 30 minutes, it will still make a massive difference! 

Doing a trash pick-up day with friends is one of the best sustainable spring activities.

11. Repair the things you’ve been meaning to fix for a while 

Do you have things in your house that you’ve been meaning to fix for a while but never got around to?

If so, take an hour each week to repair those items.

Sew up the holes in your clothes.

Glue up that broken toy.

Fix those wobbly shelves.

Repairing things is so rewarding and will help you save a lot of money!

And if you can’t repair something, take it to a professional if it’s worth it, or find where you can recycle it.

Just don’t leave it in your house.

Otherwise, it will clutter up your space unnecessarily. 

12. Go on a hike in a national park 

Is there a beautiful national or state park near you?

If so, why don’t you go on a hike there for an afternoon? 

You will see breathtaking views that will make you want to protect the planet even more!

Here again, make sure to leave no trace and respect the animals. 

If you don’t have a national park nearby, see if you can go to the mountains or somewhere to observe wildlife and nature. 

13. Celebrate Easter sustainably

If you celebrate Easter, try to do it in a sustainable way this year.

Incorporate more plant-based foods and less meat in your meals.

Don’t buy tons of gifts and cheaply made things for your kids and their Easter baskets. 

Also, see if you can reuse clothes you already have in your closet instead of purchasing a brand-new outfit.

Easter crafts are another thing you can do more sustainably.

For instance, decorate eggs with your kids using a non-toxic egg dye.

Create decor using upcycled materials like upcycled water bottles or reclaimed wood scraps. 

For more ideas, check out my post about 10 ways to have a sustainable Easter this year!

Try to celebrate Easter in an eco-friendly way this year.

14. Donate books to a little free library 

Do you have any little free libraries in your neighborhood or city?

If so, go through the books you’ve read over the winter and see if you can declutter any you don’t see yourself reading again.

Then check your bookshelves to see if there are others you no longer want to keep. 

Once you’ve gathered everything, drop them all at the little free library.

That way, you’ll have way more space in your house and you will get to pick new books that you may want to read this spring. 

And your old unwanted books will have a new life at your neighbors’ houses.

It will save trees and resources.


15. Organize a swap party

If you’re still in a decluttering mood after sorting out your books, go through other areas of your house and see what you can declutter.

Then organize a swap party with your friends, colleagues, or neighbors.  

You will be able to pass on your unused items to other people, and they will bring theirs, which you may need and will be able to use yourself. 

Doing so reduces waste and the need for people to buy new things.

So it’s one of the most sustainable spring activities you can do! 

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16. Learn about photography

Take a course or watch some videos to help you improve your photography skills.

Learn how to take great shots and practice in nature.

Go to a park, the beach, the mountains, or the forest, and take pictures that show the fragility of the natural environment. 

If you can, share those photos with other people.

It will make them aware of the necessity to protect ecosystems.

To make this hobby more sustainable, invest in a second-hand camera if you don’t already have one.

You can even take pictures on your phone if it takes good ones!

Learn some photography skills and take inspiring pictures of nature.

17. Start a compost

To reduce the quantity of food scraps that end up in landfills, consider starting a compost, particularly if you have a garden. 

You’ll be able to transform all your food scraps into healthy, nourishing soil for your garden!

If you want to learn how to do it, I highly recommend this article

If you’re composting outdoors, a rotating compost bin will be super helpful and effective.

But you can also compost indoors by using a simple kitchen compost bin or a Bokashi bucket system

18. Watch a documentary about nature or sustainability

A great way to learn more about sustainable living and what we can do for the planet is to watch a documentary.

Documentaries explain complicated issues in an easy, understandable way, most of the time even for kids. 

There are tons of them out there but those that have had the biggest impact on me are: 

  • Seaspiracy
  • Kiss The Ground
  • The True Cost
  • David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet
  • Cowspiracy

Give them a watch!

Final thoughts on sustainable spring activities

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you could find ideas for sustainable spring activities you love. 

Of course, you don’t have to do all of them if you don’t want to.

This list is here to inspire you whenever you feel bored this season and want to do something that will not harm the environment. 

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What are your favorite sustainable spring activities? 

Please leave your ideas in the comments!

Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends so that they can have a fun, eco-friendly spring as well. 

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