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This blog post is all about the best minimalist YouTube channels! 

Like many other people, I discovered the concept of minimalism on the internet.

Some videos appeared in my YouTube feed and they instantly intrigued me.

They were talking about people living with only a backpack full of stuff or in a tiny home. 

As someone who was drowning in stuff my whole life, I immediately felt drawn to them.

There was something about this lifestyle that felt so liberating. 

Since I started simplifying my life and decluttering my home, YouTube has been the number one place I would go to for inspiration.

Whether I’m looking for decluttering ideas or minimalism hacks, videos have always been my preferred type of media to consume. 

If you’re looking for inspiring minimalism videos, check out these 19 minimalist YouTube channels!  

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Why you need to watch these minimalist YouTube channels

These minimalist YouTube channels will inspire you to declutter your home and life, lighten your load (both physically and mentally), and keep life simple

It’s so important to stay motivated and inspired on this journey because if we lose motivation, we might fall back into the materialism trap and accumulate tons of things all over again. 

Sometimes, we also need some guidance when we don’t know how to start or what the next step is.

These minimalist YouTubers share helpful tips and tricks that are easily applicable to our lives.

They’ve tried this lifestyle for a while, made mistakes, and learned all kinds of things.

Learning from their experience can make the process easier and simpler for us.  

These minimalist YouTube channels are some of the channels I resonate the most with.

I find them super inspiring and helpful, whether these are minimalist mom YouTube channels, digital nomad videos, or channels featuring alternative lifestyles. 

In this article, you'll find 19 inspiring minimalist YouTube channels to binge-watch!

19 inspiring minimalist YouTube channels to binge-watch

1. Madisun Gray 

This one has to be first because it’s my favorite!

Madisun Gray teaches us how to simplify and declutter our lives so that we can focus on the most meaningful things in our lives.

She uses minimalism and slow living as tools to savor the simple joys of life and enjoy every moment we have.

She also gives helpful tips on how to break the chains of overworking, overconsuming, and being busy all the time. 

Her slow approach to motherhood and how she’s giving her kids a “real” childhood with plenty of time playing in nature is very inspiring! 

She also talks a lot about her ten-item wardrobe and how it changed her life and gives helpful advice on how to romanticize our lives. 

The way she rethinks modern standards is unique and truly sets her apart from many Youtubers on the platform. 

2. Benita Larsson

Benita Larsson is a Swedish woman who shares her best tips on how to practice minimalism

She lives in a gorgeous, minimalist-looking apartment in Stockholm, where she keeps only the essentials.

If you like Scandinavian design, this channel is for you! 

Benita has tons of videos about smart ideas to optimize your space and gives helpful hacks on how to make the most out of it.

I love how she made her apartment super functional by making a few changes and some DIY projects. 

She also talks about how to make your home cozy, healthy habits, and decluttering. 

3. Light and Mind

This minimalist mom YouTube channel is very calming and relaxing.

Katie, who’s behind Light and Mind, wants to encourage us to find beauty in simplicity and live a mindful, simplified life. 

She regularly posts helpful decluttering videos as well as tips to slow down, avoid impulse shopping, and own less stuff.

Her home looks very peaceful despite having four kids, which shows how a clutter-free home makes life so much easier! 

I also enjoy watching her videos about slow living and the importance of letting go in a world of excess. 

Some of these minimalist YouTube channels share videos about slow living.

4. Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker, author of The Minimalist Home and The More Of Less, aims to inspire people to pursue their passions by owning fewer possessions.

He gives helpful tips on how to stop buying things we don’t need, declutter our homes and lives, and live more intentionally. 

If you’re looking for quick videos that are to the point, you’ll love Joshua Becker’s channel!

His videos are an amazing complimentary resource to watch before or after reading his books. 

5. Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives is not one of those typical minimalist YouTube channels.

It shows how some people choose to live in alternative homes, which are usually small homes that require people to live minimally. 

Most videos feature people living in beautiful tiny houses.

But you will also find inspiring stories of people living off-grid, in a log cabin, on a homestead, in micro-apartments, or even on a sailboat.

I love that they show alternative homes that I would have never thought of, such as yurts, tree houses, or little dome homes. 

The videos also document the way some of those people live in harmony with nature and how sustainable they are.

They also give ideas on how to live with less in small spaces. 

6. Simple Happy Zen

Vera from Simple Happy Zen is one of the first minimalist YouTube channels I started following when I became a minimalist

She inspires us to embrace minimalism and intentional living so we can focus on what makes us happy in life.

From decluttering ideas to helpful advice on simplifying our lives, you’ll find everything you need to get inspired on your simple living journey. 

Having experienced burnout in the past, she also shares a lot about the importance of self-care and self-love.

I’ve learned so many things from her videos about being a highly sensitive person and I discovered that I definitely fall into that category. 

Her tips about cultivating happiness are also a great reminder to prioritize our well-being in life! 

Some of these minimalist YouTube channels posts videos about happiness and how to live a meaningful life.

7. Anja’s Artworld 

Here is another one of my favorite YouTubers!

Anja makes videos about extreme minimalism and essentialism. 

I am not an extreme minimalist by any means, so seeing how she lives with so little and how peaceful her home is is super inspiring to me. 

She explains that in the past, she used to be overwhelmed most of the time and was drowning in all the excess and noise of the world.

She felt lost but when she started decluttering her life, she found relief and decided to go all in with extreme minimalism. 

She lives with very little furniture and has barely anything in her home.

Yet, she lives a very meaningful life and her home is very calming and gives her time and space to reflect on the important things. 

I also love that she strives to have the lowest environmental impact possible, and her bunny is adorable! 

8. Gabe Bult

Gabe Bult shares videos about minimalism and habits to keep your home clutter-free.

He also talks a lot about frugal living and how to save money instead of overspending. 

His videos are very cinematographic with a great B-roll, which enhances the impact his message has.

He also sometimes posts content about lessons he has learned from different books he’s read and self-improvement tips. 

I usually watch videos from minimalist women.

But I like seeing a man’s perspective on minimalism and how he uses it to save money and improve various aspects of his life. 

9. A To Zen Life

Marissa from A To Zen Life is very inspiring.

After losing her parents early in life, she was emotionally attached to all her belongings and those that belonged to her lost loved ones. 

But little by little, she managed to let go of the burden all those things represented.

She extremely decluttered her home, which allowed her to move with her family to Germany for several years. 

Marissa recently moved back to the US and continues to post videos about minimalism and decluttering.

She also sometimes talks about frugal living and self-development. 

These minimalist YouTube channels share tips and tricks on how to declutter your home.

10. Malama Life

Sophie runs an inspiring lifestyle channel, Malama Life, dedicated to minimalism and slow living.

She strives to encourage people to live more intentionally, pay attention to life’s little pleasures, and slow down

She lives in Hawaii with her husband and two little doggies but regularly moves to different stunning places.

Sophie shows how minimalism gives us freedom and can lead to a meaningful, happy life. 

Seeing her downsize her life to just the essentials so she can move across the world was very interesting to me!

Her unique perspective regularly opens my eyes and helps me see the world differently. 

11. The Minimal Mom

This is one of the most popular minimalist mom YouTube channels on the platform! 

Dawn from The Minimal Mom is living proof that we can be minimalist with a family (she has four kids!).

In her videos, she shares her best tips on how to declutter your home and purge unwanted items so you can enjoy your life. 

She provides very helpful advice and takes us on regular decluttering sessions with her.

From how to tackle your kids’ toys to how to get rid of paperwork, she walks us through all the steps so we can successfully free ourselves from clutter. 

Dawn also regularly talks about home organization and cleaning hacks

I love her approach of seeing items in our homes as inventory we have to manage.

It has been a life-changing minimalism lesson for me! 

12. Elin Lesser

Previously known as Slice Of Light, Elin Lesser is a minimalist who posts videos about tips, mistakes, and strategies that have helped her stop collecting stuff and start living simply in a clutter-free home. 

She shares great decluttering ideas, home hacks, minimalism advice, and self-improvement tips.

She has a Ph.D. in psychology so she uses her background to help us understand why we accumulate things and how we can let these habits go.

She also teaches us how to build confidence and create a more balanced life. 

You'll find inspiration to create and maintain a clutter-free home.

13. Living Big In A Tiny House

Living Big In A Tiny House is quite similar to Exploring Alternatives’ channel.

The man behind the channel travels the globe to discover and show us the most unique and interesting tiny homes out there. 

He shares inspiring stories of people living in tiny houses, but also in vans, buses, cabins, and even shipping container houses.

Many of these people live off-grid and are self-sufficient, so we always learn tons of things when watching these videos. 

You will also find content about functional design ideas that are perfect if you want to build your own tiny house!

14. Ronald L. Banks 

Ronald L. Banks offers evidence-based advice and practical guidance to help us declutter our homes.

He also gives helpful tips so we can stop feeling stuck and take ownership of our lives. 

He believes that less clutter results in more clarity, which is why he’s so passionate about minimalism.

He also talks about tiny habits we can adopt to improve our lives as well as other important self-improvement topics. 

What I love about Ronald is that he’s a creative writer and poet, and the way he talks in his videos shows his talent.

He’s really impressive! 

15. Diane In Denmark

Diane In Denmark posts weekly videos about minimalism and decluttering.

She also talks a lot about the Flylady cleaning system and shows us how to implement it in our lives. 

She regularly makes “declutter with me” and “clean with me” videos, which are ideal if you need some motivation.

I also love that she shows how routines are so important to keep our homes clutter-free

Since Diane lives in Denmark, she also sometimes discusses hygge and how to make our homes cozy. 

Her videos are very motivating and her uplifting energy always leaves me in a good mood! 

16. Connie Riet

Connie Riet has been living a minimalist lifestyle with her family for over 14 years.

A year ago, she and her husband decided to sell everything they owned to become full-time travelers. 

She talks about what she’s learned on this journey and her best tips to downsize your life.

She also shares her passion for intentional, mindful living and wellness.

She encourages us to live frugally, slow down our pace, and have gratitude for the simple things in life

Connie also makes videos about meditation and yoga, so definitely check them out if you’re into that! 

Some of these Youtubers also talk about mindfulness.

17. Shannon Torrens 

Shannon Torrens runs a minimalist mom YouTube channel where she posts weekly decluttering motivation so we can have a cozy, simplified home. 

She and her family have been living minimally for several years now, and she shares decluttering and cleaning advice to help us do the same.

She also shows us some of her DIY and home improvement projects from time to time. 

Plus, Shannon regularly helps her mom declutter her home, which are my favorite videos on her channel.

Both of them make such a great team and are so funny together! 

18. Ashlynne Eaton 

Ashlynne Eaton was one of the first minimalist YouTube channels I started watching at the beginning of my journey.

At the time, she was also simplifying everything and decluttering her home, so I feel like we grew into minimalists at the same time. 

She still regularly makes videos about decluttering, minimalism, and simple living.

But she also shares her tips about how to create routines that stick, get organized, and design a life we love. 

Ashlynne is also expecting her first baby so she started talking a lot about pregnancy and motherhood. 

19. The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, also known as The Minimalists, have a podcast that they film and post on YouTube.

Alongside their podcast co-host, T.K. Coleman, they all talk about minimalism and simple living

They share helpful advice on how to live meaningful lives with less stuff, consume mindfully, and get rid of excess.

In their videos, they reflect and answer all kinds of questions people have and give their interesting points of view. 

This channel is perfect to watch while cleaning your home or decluttering! 

Final thoughts on minimalist YouTube channels

I hope this article about minimalist YouTube channels was helpful and that you could find YouTubers you resonate with. 

Regularly watching videos about minimalism and simple living is a great way to stay motivated and learn new tips to further declutter our homes and lives. 

If you want to find more inspiration, feel free to read these 50 inspiring simplicity and minimalism quotes!

What are your favorite minimalist YouTube channels?

Please leave your recommendations in the comments!

Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends to help them get motivated and inspired to live a minimalist lifestyle. 

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